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Trevante Rhodes Profile – Workbox and career of "Bird Box" stars

You must get up very early in the morning to be cut like Trevante Rhodes. As you literally need to get up before dawn, if you want to build the same impressive figure as the star of Moonlight The Predator and Susanne Beer's new film, the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box (available on Friday on Netflix).

"I wake up at 4:30, I meditate, then I go to the gym for a few hours, do abdominal muscles, whatever the muscle is for the day we jog, and we start our day at eight," tells Rhodes Men's Health of his up-regulated regime.

It is said that successful people start their day at 4am. This is one of many possible explanations for the increasing success of Rhodes over the last two years following his breakout in Barry Jenkins Oscar winner Moonlight . His routine is as good for the body as the soul. "I think it's a bit like a chicken-and-egg thing," says Rhodes as he discusses Bird Box his career and his holistic approach to fitness. "But I think everything starts off mentally. It all starts mentally and mentally, emotionally, all these things. Everything is for me at least from the inside out.

  Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock in

Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock in 'Bird Box.'

Merrick Morton / Netflix

Getting up from bed is with For most people, the clock of the alarm clock is an exhausted assessment rather than enthusiasm.Rhodes is no different.

"I am human," Rhodes offers. "The alarm goes off, I'm like," Ah, me I want to sleep! "It says, he says, the days when he just does not feel that way. It is a lifestyle issue. "I know that I need it personally and I have to get up, I have to drink my water, I have to do all these things for me to continue the quality of life that I like.

In a good early training session, he feels he can do it all. To hear him describe his training is damn near-poetic, a process that breaks down body and mind through fatigue. If that sounds punishing, take it back to meditation. "I walk on the treadmill with the lights on, man. It's just peaceful, you know? I know it sounds weird, but it's so quiet that I feel like you can breathe. "

Rhodo's way of thinking about the connection of the inner and the outer has undoubtedly contributed to his going through a busy 2018, although this is not the case as he worked the past year. "Honestly, man, it's really weird," he chuckles. "Or not funny, but … at least I personally do not see that. It just seems to be very slow to me. I guess I just live everyday like every day.

Nevertheless, Rhodes has generously portioned his plate from the outside: after starting in January with Nicolai Fuglsig's 12 Strong and traveling to September with Shane Black's The Predator, he finishes the year with Sandra Bullock in Bird Box an adaptation of the novel by Josh Malerman (2014). (Oh, and he was in Westworld.)

Bird Box reads like a hybrid of this year's runaway horror A Quiet Place and the 2008 M Night Shyamalan Disaster The Happening : Unidentified entities arrive on Earth, evoking global hysteria and mass-sentimentalities. Do not see anything bad or you're dead. Enter Rhodes as Tom, a Marine among a group of survivors, including Bullock's protagonist Malorie. Tom, who owns military fabrication and has Rhodian musculature, makes an imposing figure at first glance, but instantly establishes himself as a calm, collected voice in the crowd, one of the few cool minds in a room full of frightened civilians. The rest of the cast usually continues with screaming impatience, but with his uncontrollable serenity Tom also wants them to stay calm. (Though not long: attitude and self-restraint are vices when faced with the Apocalypse.)

The character is perfectly attuned to Rhodes, part of the action hero, a part of the kindhearted fellows you carry with you in the foxhole have, regardless of its overcut. Rhodes & Zen, who was found at this interface of physical and mental health, gave him a foundation for Tom as well as for his other current roles, which he regards as deeply connected. "This year it was especially interesting. All the characters for me are intertwined, "he says. "The training was quite similar in this respect, but I want the person you see to have something positive."

"Positive" could, of course, result in the body being treated with respect (if you see Rhodes It inspires you to get in shape, that's a win for him). As much as Rhodes loves to entertain, he loves to teach. "I want you to feel everything when you go to a movie we're involved in," he says. "These are the things that speak to me, you know, so I have to be faithful to what I believe in, what I love."

Rhodes sees definitions of masculinity that change – "not enough," he admits, but nonetheless. He emphasizes the #Metoo movement as a source, but he too has irrevocably changed culture. His Chiron in Moonlight an extension of a character seen in three stages of life thwarts the cultural expectations of a muscular black drug trafficker. His pose is tough, but he is sensitive and desperately needs love, even from a man. Of course, the male identity is not a monolith. In particular, Rhodes hopes his work will direct audiences to dissimilar representations of the black male American experience in film. "One hundred percent," he explains enthusiastically. "Because Denzel did that for me, you know?"

Rhodes contributes his influences in each of his films, from Moonlight to Bird Box where he has quoted his mother as having a defining influence on his own identity. "I grew up from a single mom. That's why it's interesting to see her life and how she maneuvers it, "explains Rhodes. He tells his mother that he used to do sports as a kid, from taekwondo to football and football. He played for Little Elm High School and ran from 2008 to 2012 as a sprinter at the University of Texas to help his team achieve a championship victory .

We have more talk about what masculinity is and what it means to be a man, "says Rhodes proudly. "And I liked the opportunity that I had to show what I think is a strong, good man."

At some point, we may remove Rhodes from action and genre material that uses his looks and effects "I'll wait until I'm a bit older to put on the fat body and then do those things," he laughs. "I want to live somehow. I want to be here for a minute! "Until this day, he will continue to select projects that will allow him to transcend the boundaries of what it means to be a man – including a man who could crush you, who happens to have a muddy heart.

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