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Travel Deals Secrets – 5 Ways to Get Big Points on Air Travel

Maybe you did not travel to Ibiza this year. Maybe the work just got in the way, or you sat in a flight agreement and then got annoyed by an annoying last-minute change (this is not supposed to happen on Tuesday!). Maybe you hoard points like a Scrooge with reward cards. Whatever you think, 2019 is waiting around the corner, and also this trip.

Here's Brian Kelly, Founder and CEO of The Points Guy, helping you leverage credit card rewards, earn points, and finally take the airline deal New Year. Just remember to pack sunscreen.

. 1
Know when to book

You've probably tried that trick earlier in the night: Stay up Monday or Tuesday and wait for the midnight price to drop miraculously – which was probably not the case. "Although we see more activity on Tuesdays and Wednesdays than on the weekend, there is no rule for which the day is best," says Kelly. Back in the days when airlines were charging and agreeing with competitors, Tuesday was the day for shopping. But nowadays the timing can be a little bit slow.

  Keep track of time "title =" Keep track of time "class =" Lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images /keeping-an-eye-on-the-time-royalty-free-image-475413503-1545346835.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480:"/>[19659006(GettyImages</span><span class= ] Yuri_Arcurs [19659007] However, giving a wide window from booking to flying is not a myth: "For international travel, where there are many deals at the moment, two months and a good timeframe are usually". Kelly adds: "When flights take off Approaching departure times, airlines try to use business travelers and increase prices.But even if you are late for booking, you can take advantage of an airline's inability to occupy seats Any seat of any aircraft, allowing premium seats to be released at the lowest possible rates This is the best time to start your frequent flyer miles

Even if you board too late For example, you can use the inability of an airline to fill seats.

For domestic travel, Kelly has set a sweet spot: two to four weeks before departure.

. 2 Know How to Book

Instead of keeping this tab open for weeks and paying close attention to prices, try apps like Hopper, Kelly advises. The hopper uses data to determine if a fare is likely to go up or down. But if you are looking for budget airlines, be careful. "If the airline goes down (and some are currently in trouble) or if they cancel a flight, they usually will not be put on another airline," says Kelly. Be wary of other costs as well; The fare can only be one component of your purchase. Some low-cost airlines charge exorbitant fares for hand luggage. So calculate the total cost before you book a low-cost airline.

  Worried couple trying to pay credit card debt

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For those hoping to play the system with variable browser usage, they do not make much of a game. Flight buying in incognito mode can help block future ads, but will not. Find better deals.

. 3 Play the Points Game

After all, intelligent travel has recently been about points – how to collect them and how to use them. However, playing the point game also means that you are a smart person credit card buyer (and a responsible user), as many credit cards offer a free sign-up bonus worth several hundred dollars. "Paying the right card can essentially pay for a trip," remarks Kelly. (For some of these cards, you'll spend a few thousand dollars in the first few months, remembering that the clock will start as soon as you get approval, not when you activate the card.)

  Flight attendant checking in tickets airport

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What cards should you get? If you are unfamiliar with the point game, a good cash back card offers few hoops and decent rewards. However, to really maximize the trip, you should get tickets for middle levels such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Capital. According to Kelly, you may have an annual fee (but some only after the first year), but in the case of the venture you can Get a double poin This applies to all purchases. This means that you do not have to be a frequent traveler to earn serious travel points.

"Do not pay just to have a piece of titanium in your wallet."

Avoid co-branded airline tickets that offer perks, but not so big points earnings, such as double points on . their airline. Other cards may recognize exclusivity, but they charge high annual fees and unclear benefits, warns Kelly. "Do not pay just to have a piece of titanium in your wallet."

Pro Tip: When you buy credit cards, you delete your cookies or use a private browser, Kelly adds. Credit card companies offer you better rewards if you think you are not yet a customer. Nobody needs to know.

  Man using laptop in cafe "title =" Man using laptop in cafe "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod .s3.amazonaws .com / images / man-using-laptop-in-coffee-shop-royalty-image-948322884-1545402397.jpg? crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> [19659006] Getty Images </span><span class= South_agency

4. Play the Transfer Game

Okay, you are a seasoned traveler, you know the point game, but if you do Kelly thinks you're about portability, which means you need to find a card that allows you to transfer points to an airline's frequent flyer program (mid-level cards like Capital One Venture, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Citi ThankYou Premier will offer all transferable points.) [19659002] The frequent flyer programs are based on award tables, says Kelly, and not on the ticket price. "So, let's say that 100,000 Capital One points are typically $ 1,000 for travel, collecting 100,000 frequent flyer miles. That brings you a ticket with a value of maybe $ 5,000.

The trick is not to think of points as dollars anymore and to consider them as miles. Welcome to the big leagues.

The trick is to stop thinking about points as dollars and consider them as miles.

. 5 Make the Vacation Matter

You can crack the numbers and transfer the points as you like, but in the end, traveling is not just about the offers. it is about you. In a recent survey, 70 percent of respondents said that a "purposeful experience" was an integral part of their travels. Eighty-two percent hopes can be important to them and their loved ones.

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			<span class= Getty Images Hero Images

"We wanted to talk about the idea," Kelly says, and so the points guy has gone all in purposeful travel Maybe this is a solo trip to Ibiza, or maybe it's a relationship between adults and their parents in Bordeaux, think about what you really expect from your trip, and make the frequent flyer miles really important.

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