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Training tips for the last four weeks before the London Marathon

The London Marathon is only a month away. A month. If that does not make you both excited and scared, you can probably assume you are not doing it.

When you're running, you're probably running a few things through your head. The first is "ONE MONTH! HOW CAN IT BE ONLY ONE MONTH ?! "And the second is," How long will it take for me to rejuvenate myself?

The good news is that tapering is decreasing – the number of runs reduced to be fresh for race day – may start soon There are a few more long runs before that happens, but you're definitely over the hump, as far as your training plan is concerned.

In addition to a little more running, there are a lot of further preparations to do before you reach the start line. This includes choosing the kit that you will wear and then changing your mind several times before returning to your original choice, which I hope you have tested during your longest training runs. You'll also complete your big-day diet plans and then consume a whole carbohydrate of shipload in the days before the race itself. The last part is the really fun part.

For all the advice you have to do during the last four weeks before the London Marathon, you can find Trainer Nick Anderson of Running With Us, Polar's official training partner.

Four Weeks To Go

"When you get the voices in your head, you think," Have I trained enough to successfully complete this marathon? "This is a common concern in recent weeks, but it's important to remember that less is more, it's time for the body to recover and build up its power for the race day."

"Now you should concentrate on protecting your fitness and feeling great on race day, you can use the last few weeks to improve a little with a few shorter and faster sessions."

That means, however Anderson recommends reducing the last few steps.

"Your longest marathon training run should take place three or four weeks after the race day Minutes to reach your target marathon pace.

"Two weekends before the marathon, reduce the long ride to about two hours, the last 45 minutes at the target marathon pace. [1

9659002] "A week before, it's time to shorten the runs and enjoy the tapering. I would recommend not walking for more than 60 minutes.

One Week To Go

Tapering is in full swing, but that does not mean you should be sitting on the sofa all week. [19659002] "Do not rejuvenate too much – you do not want to have too many days off and then feel sluggish on race day. Your body loves routine, aiming for short and easy runs no longer than 60 minutes.

Apart from running, you should not train too hard in the gym and go early into the night.

"Avoid strong strength and conditioning or exercise this week to help your muscles recover," says Anderson.

"Sleep and rest – you must always respect this key element as a runner if you want to improve yourself. Try to spend a few early nights of race week and protect your immune system – in the late nights and with a cold you will be Ruin your race day. "

The Last 24 Hours

Your" Maranoia "will peak at this point, especially if you're attending for the first time, but follow these three tips from Anderson and your nerves should feel a little bit different

"We often advise runners to go jogging for about 20 minutes the day before the race, to feel relaxed on race day and to calm their nerves down a bit.

"Have snacks all day long and stay well hydrated. Eat your last main meal at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and then have a snack with easily digestible carbohydrate snacks, if required.

"Go to bed early! If you find it difficult to sleep, do not worry, it's normal, but stay in bed and rest.

Nick Anderson is co-founder of Running With Us and Head Coach of Polar [19659025]
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