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Total Gym Foam Roller attachment, the story of the inventor

Foam Rolling / Self Myofascial Release / Self Massage are all performed with a soon archaic device (at least for those who own a Total Gym), the foam roller. The foam roller has been in use for many decades, with very little progress in design and use. I've been using and teaching the use of the foam roller for over 15 years and always found it frustrating and irritating to my shoulders. The frustration is due to the constant repositioning of me and the foam roll, as she seems to have her own mind. The irritation of my shoulders is due to the support of my body weight with the shoulder joint, while the humeral head (ball) grinds into the glenoid fossa (sleeve) while the surrounding rotator cuffs and deltoids work hard to maintain the ball joint. Still, I used it and taught it because it works, so much research and science support it. I use the past tense and teach because I now use only the Total Gym Foam Roller Attachment. The roller stops, while the sliding board carries my weight and makes grinding easier. Also, the muscles do not have to work hard because the skeletal structure of the arms absorbs the weight.

Since the video explains how I came up with the idea, I will also give a brief overview of the text. One of the great advantages of the foam roller is that it relieves pain in the lateral area of ​​the knee joint due to the iliotibial band syndrome (recent research suggests that the use of a foam roller is ineffective for ITBS, but it has worked for me and has been widely used in physiotherapy). On that occasion, I came to my Total Gym when I got the idea. Both products are effective fitness devices from time to time that seemed natural to me, but I did not know how to connect them. It was only a matter of time. About four months later, my wife and I were on vacation in Virginia Beach. They had an art exhibit that covered most of the boardwalk. There were many tables that needed tablecloths to roll these tablecloths into a cylindrical hardboard tube with a cap at each end to pass a pole. Of course they did not need that, so it went to the trash. Now I saw nothing of it. I only put two and two together to find out where this little gift came from heaven. When I saw this in the trash, small synapses shot in my head and said, "That's it." I walked on a bit before I knew I had to go back and grab it. When I got back home, I reduced it to size, fastened it to the Total Gym and rolled on. I was incredibly impressed with the user experience.

I kept using it and found that I could roll out all aspects of the lower body. I found nodes in my quads that I did not even know existed. The introduction of ITB was easy. There is an excerpt from a previous blog on this site about using a traditional foam roller that says, "This is not a relaxing type of stretch method," but with Total Gym Foam Roller this is the case. The right massage should be relaxing, but the traditional foam roller is far from it. We just do not know how far Well, the new product will revolutionize the foam roll, and Total Gym had the vision to see it in my presentation. I've been using this product for over four years and have not found a muscle I can not easily focus on.

Keith Daugherty ̵

1; I've been an ACE-certified personal trainer specializing in seniors for 15 years. I have been working as a technician and sports expert for 6 years in the physiotherapy, because I fell in love with the work with seniors. Your appreciation, if I show them the way to feel youthful again, my heart grows by three sizes. Oh, I am also an inventor now. Many Thanks.

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