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Total Gym Addicts – Lisa's Story

When I entered my 40s, this rapid metabolism came to a standstill, and reality began. I could no longer fit in my clothes, the scales were now hovering above a much higher number and I was depressed and I am ashamed of how I got myself into that shape. No matter how embarrassing I was, I just could not make myself move. I joined the YMCA, went several times, but was quickly intimidated by the equipment. I convinced myself and my husband that if I had a practice room at home, it would solve all my problems. It took a lot of time, effort, and money to turn a playroom into a gym, but I kept apologizing for not using it.

Over the years, I've always seen Total Gym's infomercials, and I thought it looked like I was using it because it was fun and yet effective. Of course, when I told my husband I wish for one, he thought it was another discarded device that would go with the others. I had become sedentary. When I came home from school in the evening, I changed my clothes, lay down on the couch, watched television or bought on the internet. I had created an unhealthy cycle in my life, and I knew something had to change. After countless inquiries, I knew that a Total Gym is the right way to get me out of my "funk".

I found a used Total Gym on the Facebook Marketplace and convinced my husband to buy it. Instead of putting it in the training room, I decided to put it in my bedroom, where I would see it daily. I bought my Total Gym 1

900 in late July 2018, and my only regret is that I've been waiting for so many years. Now I'm looking forward to going home in the evening, not to watch TV, but to train at my Total Gym. I use it 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to one hour. I'll even bounce on it during the ad, make some nails or squats I'm also a sure thing about what I chose to eat, and since July I've taken 2 sizes and lost 10 pounds. I see muscle definition in my upper and lower body. I feel stronger, my clothes fit much better, but most of all, I've found that I can still set goals and reach them at 51. My energy level is plentiful, but most of all, I have not been content with a sub-standard life, I've created one that I'm looking forward to.

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