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Top 17 "Stranger Things" characters ahead of Season Three

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In a post- Game of Thrones universe, Strange Things are perhaps the most intriguing and beloved Series on TV: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Monster, Lots of Influence from Stephen King, Killer Action lines that have us all at the edges of our seats, and some simply breathtaking portrayals.But what Stranger Things really does great, is the assortment of strong characters, whether lovable, personable or not so sympathetic.

The problem with Stranger Things is that Netflix releases everything at once and we all love this damn show, we eat the whole episode s up, usually within a week at most, here we come into play: you need to remember who the main characters in are Stranger Things before the third season Ih r takes over life on 4 July. This is a good excuse for us to remind you of a power ranking on these characters. Who is the best? Well, here's our shot:

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Bob was too pure for this world. This character could easily have been an idiot who is meant to be only a pseudo villain for the boys and a rival to Chief Hopper as a romantic interest in Joyce Byers, but instead Sean Astin (who has experience with fantasy himself, as Samwise in [19459018LordoftheRings played him as the sweetest, nicest, and purest man. Unfortunately, Bob passed away last season, but he will not be forgotten so quickly. REST IN PEACE. Bob.


One hot but correct attitude is that Barb was not really a good friend of Nancy. When Nancy was just trying to live her best life, Barb kept putting her down and telling her, "That's not you," which interests you, Barb. That being said, she was turned upside down later that night and eaten by a monster (#JusticeForBarb, mind you), so she obviously did not deserve that. Whatever you think of her, you probably can not say that she has earned a permanent place in the memorable Hall of Fame of the little TV figure of culture.

We are not sure: Murray

This guy was pretty entertaining. Definitely a joker, definitely a bit crazy and definitely a complete conspiracy theorist, but still Murray was actually fixated on a few things. He was a solid recurring character who was featured in season two, but it's not clear if he will be back in season three. I have not seen it yet, Amazon Prime's Fleabag is hysterical, Gelman is the only American in this English series.

We are not sure. Owens

Another Season 2 Addition, dr. Paul Reiser, dr. Owens, was a really interesting character. Dr. Owens essentially filled the vacated Dr. Ing. First season burner and seemed like some kind of villain, but then … he never did, which in and of itself was a twist. When he turned out to be quite helpful to our heroes, it was pleasant.

Dr. Owens is making that section of the list because we're not sure which – if anything – he will be back in Season 3, and although he was solid, we did not get him ton in Season 2 [19659015] 17th Powell and Callahan

These two Bozos are basically useless, especially Callahan. They are the chief lieutenants of Chief Hopper, unless they are utterly incapable of solving crimes, of enlightening crimes, or of really doing anything. Maybe they can eat good donuts. But probably not.

sixteenth Ted Wheeler

We can not talk about "useless" without mentioning Mike and Nancy's dad. Gosh, this guy is so completely incompetent that it's basically a miracle that he even exists at the time. The only reason he poses in front of him about the two Bozos is that he only sleeps instead of elucidating crimes.

15th Mr. Clarke

Honestly, this guy is a legend. He's not that much in the series which keeps him low on the list, but he turned up regularly in the first two seasons of the series, and we've seen that he's a solid mentor to the boys, a good influence Help them to solve all sorts of problems and smash a date with a friend. Mr. Clarke is the real deal.

fourteenth Jonathan Byers

Jonathan is one of the heroes in history, and he really loves and cares about his mother and brother. So these are positive things. He's also nice and generally sounded good, and does not deserve to be bullied and ruined his camera with Steve and his stupid first season buddies.

But is not he too scary kiiiiinda ? All the time taking pictures of everyone? He also has a very sad boy / outcast / Christian Slater in Heathers and I'm not convinced that he really makes it. Sorry Jonathan!

. 13 Nancy Wheeler

Nancy comes down to a lower rank in our list because her second season story was not particularly interesting – mainly because she found our conspiracy theoretical friend Murray and found some justice for Barb and finally met with Jonathan , She comes in higher than him because actress Natalia Dyer has also starred in Netflix's original film Velvet Buzzsaw which was an underrated and pugnacious classic (frankly, for some, a good watch might be the can). t wait for Stranger Things).

12th Billy

Let's face it: Billy is a dick. He is objectively a tyrant, he is probably racist, he threatens his sister and is generally not a nice person. That is, seeing the scene as his own father treats him explains where it comes from (but does not apologize, of course).

Apart from that, there's something else about Billy that you can not ignore: he's incredibly entertaining. Was there a better scene in the second season than Mrs. Wheeler, who fainted because of Billy when he showed up at her door? No, probably not. By the way, the last trailer of the third season has played out, there could be a lot more of the thing that makes Billy pass out people.

. 11 Max

Billy's sister walks around with a chip on her shoulder, but after her introduction to Season 2 has created a natural asset to the gang. We look forward to seeing more of her momentum with Lucas and the other guys. as well as a friendship with Eleven and more insight into her relationship with her brother and the rest of her family.

10th Karen Wheeler

Just a great mother. We love Karen. She is so cute, and again we saw her human side, when she was stunned by Billy's sheer sharpness, because there was no better expression.

And we should point out: What's she doing with a man's jabroni? Gosh, Karen.

. 9 Dr. Brenner

The big non-monster villain of the series, Dr. Ing. Brenner, is probably one of the better TV villains of the last decade. He is certainly memorable, we know no ton about him, and yet he is quietly threatening and keeps the action in motion. Not to mention the fact that he is played by Full Metal Jacket Matthew Modine, which fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the 80s. In season 2 there was evidence that Dr. Brenner is still alive, and we expect to see him again in some capacity in the new season.

. 8 Will Byers

Will is the lowest of the boys, because he has a sort of Doug-from-the- hangover mood – always the one to whom something happens, and the rest of the gang has banded together find out. He is a good boy though. And by the way, a damn good acting performance by Noah Schnapp.

. 7 Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is initially the most skeptical about joining Eleven's gang, but eventually comes around. He is a big nerd like his other friends and wears a mean sling that actually helps against the Demogorgon in season one.

It's also a subtle style icon – look at the bandana and the jacket. Is this Lucas's Stranger Things, or Frank Ocean?

. 6 Joyce Byers

"Revelation" is not the right word for Winona Ryder's appearance as Joyce, the incessant mother of Will and Jonathan, because we already knew what Winona could make of her time as one of the biggest movies stars of the 80s and 90s Years in films such as Beetlejuice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, and Reality Bites.

Still, it's an obvious pleasure to see them getting off the tracks every time we get a squad with Stranger Things. That's the downside of a squadron that may want to ban Will – why miss the chance to see Frazzled Winona on our screens? Maybe Season 3 will find a new way to storm them and entertain us every step of the way.

. 5 Mike Wheeler

Mike is basically what comes closest to a main character's series. The show focuses on his family, and basically all the show's events revolve around him: he's the one who's most interested in eleven and wants to take her in and help her; he wants to find his best friend, Will; other subplots concern his parents, his sister and so on and so forth. He is also clearly a good-natured and nice boy who loves nerdy things like Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons.

He is an assignable character and the young Finn Wolfhard (who is employed in the industry and in IT, and the upcoming Stieglitz and Addams Family movies) makes it easy for him to orient himself.

. 4 Eleven

Eleven (real name: Jane Ives) is the superhero of Stranger Things (19459018), the lonely character with real superpowers who can really get anyone out of a jam if she decides to bleed her nose and doing some wild things with her thoughts.

She has an intense background story, beginning with the abduction of her mother in the vegetative state. Eventually, she found a way to try something that was close to normal life. She was adopted by Hopper at the end of season two, and they have a great relationship.

Of all the breakout stars of Stranger Things, Millie Bobbie Brown could be the biggest, since her fame has grown so much that she can now direct big monster movies like Godzilla: King this summer Monster.

3. Dustin Henderson

Dustin dropped slightly in the second season when he kept a secret pet slug thing that turned out to be a baby demogorgon. That was not a good choice and it also ate a cat. Bad Dustin. But he has also built his friendship with Steve, which is perhaps the best for both characters, which really says something! Considering how great they both are, you know?

But we can not be too angry with this rascal for too long – his energy and exuberance are so great, and his full-bodied mouth and constant joke make the best kind of character from a novel by Stephen King. Gaten Matarazzo may have become the world's most famous child Stranger Things – anyone who in saw a Verizon advertisement last year "the child of Stranger Things" Some years may testify.

. 2 Chief Jim Hopper

Chief Hopper – played so damned well by David Harbor – is hardly at the top of the list. He has everything you look for in a character in a series like this: He's funny, he's heroic, he's fully worked out, he has an emotional arc and a back story that's really close to our hearts, and he's really evolving over time show. Do you remember how lazy he was in the first episode? "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation," right? He is the de facto hero of the series, and I dare you not choose this fictional man. I dare you!

Harbor was nominated for Emmy's Best Supporting Actor for both seasons in which he played Hopper, but has not won yet. He lost to Season 2 for Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones, the, all right, but then again, like, come.

. 1 Steve Harrington

When we talk about character development, we take a moment to talk about the best character in this damn fantastic show: Steve Harrington.

If we had made this ranking before Season 2, Steve probably would not have been at the bottom of the list, but he would have been damn close. Season 1 Steve is a very common Scotsman all the time. He takes a few small steps to get better at the end of the season, but it's still an annoying experience for the viewer to see Nancy stay with Steve after the time jump instead of switching to Jonathan.

Season 2 is a complete. different. History. Steve gets dumped by Nancy pretty early and from then on his character takes off. Joe Keery brings his best Jean Ralphio energy into the character, connects with Dustin and the rest of the kids, and takes charge of the entire show, having every second of his screen time. I can not remember any other character who in such a short time became more organic from a pseudo-villain to a fan favorite. And not even in a kind of anti-hero style, like Loki in the Marvel movies – Steve is just a hero! And it works totally and makes sense! And that's why he's at the top of our list in the third season.

Well, that and the cool hair.