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Tom Hopper of & # 39; Umbrella Academy & # 39; about workouts, & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; and more

You may not know Tom Hopper by name, but you probably saw him on your screen. In the last decade, the English actor was not only popular in the UK ( Doctor Who, Merlin ), but lately, Americans in some shows can not stop watching binge-watching.

He appeared in the culturally popular Starz Adventure Series Black Sails and especially as Samwell Tarly's younger brother Dickon in HBO's Game of Thrones . (Dickon, the Tarly family's favorite son, is not that bright, but his chin gives the impression.) To make matters worse, Hopper starred alongside Amy Schumer in the 201

8 comedy movie I Feel Pretty.

Hopper's golden age of streaming is enhanced. The 34-year-old plays Spaceboy in the ensemble of superheroes with a lot of emotional baggage in Netflix's new show The Umbrella Academy, which appears on Feb. 15 Marvel-based superhero shows, owned by rival Disney

  Tom Hopper "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https: //hips.hearstapps. com / hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com / images / hlh030119gtssuperhero-005-1550244985.jpg? crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/ >> 19659006 ($ 90), Pants ($ 268) and Tie ($ 185) from Polo Ralph Lauren, ralphlauren.com; Boots ($ 395) from Eleventy, eleventy.it. </figcaption><p>
			<span class= ANDY RYAN

So get ready for a lot more. We talked to Hopper about the Building a superhero-capable body, as Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost him in the cinema and why he abhors the treadmill.

Men & # 39; ; s Health : You need to be much more recognized in the states.

Tom Hopper: Yes, it was certainly a gradual build. Every time I go to America, I get recognized. It's always a bit like, Oh yeah, I'm the guy from this TV show . I sometimes forget that I do what I do. After I made Black Sails and Game of Thrones it somehow changed. I'm actually more recognized there than in the UK.

What do you hear on the streets?

"You are Dickon Tarly!" I often get that. I feel pretty is another one I did not expect her to recognize, but in the end she was pretty popular.

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			<span class= HBO [19659014] The Umbrella Academy is slim, but not typical Spider-Man stuff, how do you explain the concept to people?

It's really a dysfunctional family, yes, superheroes, but first and foremost they are siblings who have many problems, and they have been raised to fulfill a single task, to be superheroes saving the world, and their father who adopted them has abused their childhood – he has not given them Now, as a 30-year-old you have all these big problems, can these guys actually bring it together to save the world? [19659010] It's a bit refreshing that it does not work. t revolv There were roughly the same characters that we have already re-launched a million times.

It's a very unique show, it's very different. It's not all about flashing weapons and crazy superheroes. It justifies the world of superheroes, almost like: How would superheroes really look like if they were in this world?

  Tom Hopper in

Tom Hopper in & # 39; The Umbrella Academy & # 39;

Michael Gibson / Netflix

You said Arnold Schwarzenegger was your pop culture fitness inspiration It's obviously far from being alone. How did you become addicted?

The most important would be Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I saw [when I was] a little younger than me on the VHS I was obsessed with Arnie, and so began my love of motorcycles: Arnie rides his Harley.

Do you own a motorcycle?

Not anymore. My wife says I should not I really have one because I have too many chores with two kids.

They are basically death traps.

Yes, but I'll rent them if I have some time. If I have a nice sunny day out in the country somewhere, I find a landlord from Harley.

All thanks to Terminator.

Yes, Arnie had a great influence in my movie watching. I loved everything but him.

  Arnold Schwarzenegger ... "title =" Arnold Schwarzenegger ... "class =" lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images /arnold-schwarzenegger-in-1982-isfriendly-and-obliging-with-news-foto-1088731416-1550241137.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480: * "/> g19699034 </span><span class= Paul Harris [19659033] When did you decide to become an actor?

It was a slow process, I had grown up in sports, but I was always the one in the family that wandered around with impressions of people, we went to the grandparents all these impressions of politicians and they found it so funny Someday – I was like 15 or 16 – there was a topic that I could choose and I saw this with "drama" and I thought That looks like a laugh Then I just discovered this mistake I was really looking forward to the acting class All I wanted was everything From there I went to Acting school and fortunately found in the end an agent and began to get jobs.

It sounds like you've always been athletic, but how are you preparing to be a superhero for the people at home? , I'm doing a pretty intense training program. It all depends to make sure I put the right things in my body to make sure I can keep a specific body for a job. I talk to the directors and find out what the character should look like. With Umbrella Academy, I wore a big muscle suit. I will not tell you why, I do not want to give spoilers. I had to reach a certain size and then maintain it during the 6-month shoot to adjust the suit. The problem was that I was sweating, I burned a lot of calories in the suit and therefore had to make sure I got enough calories.

  Tom Hopper "title =" Tom Hopper "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/hlh030119gtstoc-001-1550245316.jpg ? crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/> [19659041] What's your favorite exercise? </strong></h4>
<p class= What's great are things that are flexible, things you can take with you if you're a crappy one You also need to know if you have only two.) Ib dumbbells, you can make a big workout out of it, I always think you're making manufacturers, you know, Manmakers?

I've never heard of it Could you explain that?

Some is basically a lot of stuff on the ground [using two dumbbells, and broken down into a pushup, dumbbell row, squat clean, and thruster]. The great thing about it is that you get multiple repetitions of different movements, all compound movements – you use more muscle pa

  & # 39; The Umbrella Acad emy

& # 39; The Umbrella Academy & # 39;

Courtesy of Netflix

It beats much more than a simple curl would be.

Absolutely, it's a total body workout, so if you only have half an hour or 40 minutes, if you want to do a great workout, I think a manmaker is always good at intervening.

But apparently you are not a fan of the treadmill.

The only ones [of those types of machines] of whom I am a fan are skiers and rowers, because I find them much more functional and useful. And also the bike. I think a treadmill is basically useless, because I think it's better to work outside when you're out in the fresh air. They also do not run properly [on a treadmill] They are not fully utilized.

You know your stuff at the gym. Do you ever use a coach? No, I'm going solo. I've worked with trainers because sometimes they assign a piece [cast] to things, but I've done so much research and learning myself to like my own routine. I like to feel like I feel and walk during the day, Okay, I want to do that today. I do not like the idea of ​​a trainer saying, "You're going to push harder today." Because I may be I do not feel like pushing harder, I'll do that tomorrow. I think it's really important to listen to your body and what feels good that day. You may think, I do not want to squat today, I have a sore knee.

I have to try this manmaker.

Yes, give it a try. Get a pretty decent weight that would be tough, but a safe weight. Make 30 to 50 manmakers, just make sets like five and grind them out.

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