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Together we are stronger

In December 2016, at the age of 38, Shannon Dalley made the difficult decision to leave a marriage that she describes as "unhappy and unhealthy." And then she made another bold decision: taking responsibility for her own health

"I joined Anytime Fitness in Glendale, Arizona to lose weight," Shannon said. "I was not happy with my physical self, I never really was, I always had a weight problem – even as a kid, this time I knew I wanted to hire a coach because I had tried gyms before, and after a few months I was simply interested

Shannon and the trainer she met at the gym, Alli Crosby, were personally connected almost immediately.

"I was surprised at how open Shannon was with me and her willingness to undergo a trial," Alli said. "She had tried many diets and programs in the past, so I was afraid that she might start strong and burn out." I decided to focus on why all these other programs did not bring Shannon the results, Most of her goals were aesthetic in the beginning, which I can respect, but as a sports performance trainer I always try to encourage my clients to pursue functional and health goals, too They trust the process to exercise for health, and the aesthetic changes are a natural by-product. "

" My first impression of the gym was that it's small ̵

1; which I LOVE, "Shannon said. "I've been to bigger gyms and I'd prefer a friendlier, family-like atmosphere, I love Alli, she's well educated, experienced and down to earth, she's really a strong woman and helped me physically and emotionally last year."

Shannon I started training in the gym three days a week, usually two days of cardio and one day of weight training equipment. Then Alli introduced Shannon to the sport of power-raising.

"Very early, Alli said," Motivation will take you two weeks, which will take you further is discipline. "So I just remember the alarm going off at 5am. What I really enjoy is lifting heavy weights. I also enjoy the acquaintances and friends I have made in the gym.

Where diets and training have failed in the past alone, Shannon says training with a coach has been the key to their success.

"Alli is constantly changing things and helping me with my weaknesses Shannon said, "At the age of 39, I participated in two power-lifting competitions, and in June I will do one more thing. I have some fantastic goals to achieve.

Alli remembers that Shannon's face flashed the first time she realized she could lift 100 pounds.

"I enjoyed discovering it," Alli said. "Shannon has learned to grow strong and if she misses a lift, we'll sit back and analyze and try again. "

Shannon says she also benefits from a nutritional support group led by gym owner Natalee Sticht. [19659002] "It's amazing," Shannon said, "It takes effort. Planning, preparation, self-control, discipline, etc. But it's worth it. I've gained so many physical and emotional benefits. I participated in the Whole30® program for about 38 days. I know how my body reacts to certain foods. Removing food from your diet and paying attention to your body improves your self-confidence. I sleep better, my skin is healthier, I lost 20 pounds (mostly inflammation), I have energy, I'm happier, I fit in smaller clothes, and my body looks and feels better. I actually stopped eating when I was hungry. I realized how much I had an addiction and now I know what I have to do to regulate my body. When I consume "non-compliant" foods, my body feels bad. I was always worried about losing weight just to lose weight. Now I want to change my diet to get my body to more power in the gym.

Natalee says that disciplined learning in the gym can have a positive impact on eating habits.

"I've noticed that a lot of people really are good at sticking to a workout routine, but eating bad, or people Eat well but do not invest in a good workout routine, "Natalee said." But if you combine both, people gain much faster and become more sustainable. Having a good exercise routine encourages someone to eat healthier, and as you eat healthier, you become stronger and more energetic in the gym. "

Shannon says she has realized that investing in a personal trainer and a nutrition support group is really an investment in itself.

" Even if you think it's expensive, give it one or two Months and see how it goes, "recommends Shannon," I know it's more successful for me to track my progress and hold me accountable. My life has changed completely in the last 14 months! My self-esteem and self-confidence have improved. I'm more aware of myself and what I need and WISH. I am physically stronger than ever. In the gym and in my personal life, I've grown and tried new things. And every new thing you try and do yourself empowers you like nothing I've ever experienced. I traveled alone – out of the country! I bought my own house, I did most of the repairs to my house. Every positive step is a snowball effect. You just have to take that first step. "

Alli believes that other women can learn a lot from Shannon's experience.

" Find your passion, take risks, do not have to be tall, have a small target, and get professional help, "Alli said. It may sound cliché, but try new things, find your "tribe" of people. Find other women who encourage and do what you want to do.

Shannon's advice to others, however, is simple: "Make that first step a positive one and it will go on. If you have no motivation, remember that motivation lasts a few weeks. Discipline will get you through. And every morning, when I did not feel like going to the gym, but I went anyway, I never regretted it. I ALWAYS felt better (physically and mentally) after my workout to my car.

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