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To avoid getting sick, says a prevention expert

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Healthcare Consultant David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, is the Founding Director of Prevention Research Kale has written about 200 peer-reviewed publications and 16 books, including leading textbooks both in Nutrition and Preventive Medicine Katz has rarely been ill in the last decade, unless he's in a fight with a tick-borne anaplasmosis, so he stays healthy, mentally and physically.

What is your diet plan? [19659005] A blend of Mediterranean, Pescatarian and Vegan foods, it is a predominantly herbal diet, with milk, occasionally fish and seafood, and eggs must be considered. I eat poultry once or twice a year on certain occasions, such as Thanksgiving – and only if it's locally sourced, reliably treated and fed. My wife is from southern France, or our "domestic" diet is Mediterranean.

Describe a typical day of food.

Late breakfast with mixed berries, wholegrain muesli or steel bonnet, chopped walnuts – possibly some almond milk (unsweetened, pure).

If between late breakfast and dinner fresh fruit, dried fruit (figs), raw almonds.

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<p class= Glass of wine for two.

What are you most fond of? Healthy snacks?

Dried figs / other dried fruits, raw almonds, almost all fresh fruits and cube vegetables

Do you take supplements?

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 from algae: If you do not eat fatty fish often, most of us get relatively little plus anti-inflammatory effects. [19659008] Pep tiva probiotic: I developed some sensitivities to nuts that disappeared when I took a probiotic.

Vitamin D: Not enough to rely on My source, unfortunately.

Nutrex Astaxanthin: Antioxidant thrust / cytoprotection and "inner sunscreen" when I'm in the sun .

Juice Plus Whole Food Supplement: It is a basic "nutritional supplement".

Are you getting the flu vaccine?


Do you drink alcohol and if so, why?

Yes and for pleasure. I like a good beer (my favorites are Amber Ales) – but I consider fine wine as one of the few reliable clues to intelligent life down here! First-class Bordeaux is one of the great pleasures of life – all the more when combined with a good meal and with the excellent company of my wife. but that is a side effect. The main motive is pure and simple pleasure.

If yes, what kind and how often?

Red wine is No. 1; White wine and beer tied for the second time. I have a selection of favorite wines selected for the occasion and the meal. I love mikrobrew amber beers, pale ales and certain camps and pilsner, but tend to be quite picky. I rarely drink other types of alcohol.

How do you stay active during the day?

gym and a home office. If my schedule allows it, I work from home and can work and practice enforce. My normal daily routine involves 40 minutes on an elliptical trainer. 5 km on a rower; Abdominal exercises and weights.

I have 3 dogs that I go whenever my routine allows. and I have a horse that I try to ride 2-3 times a week – although I disagree with my riders, I always consider this exercise to be for him and not for me! (They often use their core muscles for the kind of riding I do, but a lot more work for Troubadour!)

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How often do you exercise?

I rarely miss a day.

Do you have a personal fitness test?

I measure my performance every day in the form of burned calories burned per unit time, etc. "I test" myself also regularly with a long walk of 7 miles or more – or a day's tedious work (ie> 4 hours splitting logs and stacking wood) For the ratio of strength and weight I tend to use pull ups and pull ups as a good metric (Number in single, continuous sentences).

How do you combat stress?

In F to be in. Physical activity. Riding on my horse. Society and touch of my wife. Time with my dogs, especially Barli r (she's a gold finland and the essence of doginess.) Rest, especially with my family. I'm working on meditation, but I have not fixed that yet!

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<p class= I'm washing I regularly have my hands – I think most doctors are well trained in practice, I try to get enough sleep, I get vaccinated, but most of the time I tend to look after my physique as my best defense.

How do you stay?

Massive Power Flow Through Multiple Inboxes Daily News Bulletins Through My iPhone Read The New York Times Every Morning And Receive Newsfeeds From The Washington Post Media Networks With Selective Monitoring Of The Feeds: Multiple Channels That Tell Me About Noteworthy Additions By Experts [Authorized medical literature.]

Which book do you have the most? ten gifted friends, colleagues, families?

The Selfish Gene Ric hard dawkins; other works by Dawkins

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell; Outliers by Gladwell.

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Are there home health test kits that you use, such as genetic tests or certain cancers screenings?


What is your favorite topic in your field of expertise?

My area of ​​expertise – preventative medicine, lifestyle medicine – is the area in which medicine can focus most on human and human overlap. Health of Planets: The most recent report from the Eat Lancet Commission on Sustainable Healthy Eating is an example: this confluence is the most pressing issue of our time.

What are you most concerned about in your field?

The same thing – because it is the most urgent problem of our time and is doing so far too little, too late!

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