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Tips to avoid side effects if you sit all day

If you sit longer, you are prone to many illnesses. Sitting all day reduces physical activity throughout the day. You spend less energy when you sit all day. Your desk job puts strain on your neck, spine, and even the rest of your body. Long hours of uninterrupted sitting lead to a series of health problems. Physical weight gain is not the only consequence of the whole day. There are other serious health problems that are triggered by long hours of sitting.

Why sitting all day is bad for your health?

Long hours of sitting can lead to many health problems. Some of these are:

  • It may shorten your life
  • It may increase the risk of dementia
  • You are more prone to becoming diabetic
  • The risk of cancer increases
  • The risk of muscle degeneration also increases
  • Increases the burden
  • It may unbalance your spine structure
  • It may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

To avoid such complications, you need to increase your movement throughout the day. Here are a few clever ways to counteract these side effects if you sit all day.

Try to walk more

Sitting down leaves you sitting all day. Walking is the best and easiest way to reduce the side effects of the whole day. A walk break is a great way to improve your movement throughout the day. You should take at least two hiking breaks a day, especially after lunch. You can also start your day on foot. Take a few steps into your office and be productive for your health every day. If you do not have enough time, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the stairs in your office as well as in your building. You do not even have to make an effort.

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Stand at regular intervals

Remember to stand after every hour. Make it a habit to stand after each break and take a few steps. Find more reasons to do more during your office hours. A few steps after each full hour, the negative effects of sitting the whole day can be significantly reduced.

Neck and Hand Exercises

Sitting all day puts a heavy strain on your neck. Neck exercises are the best way to stop it. It does not require any special effort. You can do some neck movements while working, eg. As a rotation of the neck or a slow movement from left to right. You can also do some hand movements to relax your hands for a while.

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Walk while you speak

Telephone calls are common throughout the day. Everyone spends a lot of time on their phone. You can make your phone calls more productive by going through the call. Avoid sitting as much as possible. Sometimes you would not even realize how many steps you have taken. This can more effectively reverse the side effects of the whole day.

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