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Tips for Organizing a Baby Shower

If you want to organize a baby shower for a friend or close relative, be sure to consider the following:

Keep a Checklist

Unlike other surprise parties, baby shower requires a lot of creativity. To make it interesting, you need to find unique games that entertain the guests. You also have to order food according to the theme. For example, if you are a boy, you might want to color-label the cupcakes, and you could choose blue cupcakes, while a girl's is a pink theme. To make sure you do not miss any, it's better to keep a checklist so you do not panic at the last moment.

Keep It Low

Parties like a baby shower should be considered a surprise for the new mother to make her truly happy. This can be particularly difficult if you live with the person or meet them regularly. However, you can take a few precautions, such as not using your phone as the messages may be read. You could also call on her husband to assist you with the party preparations. Since your girlfriend may not know about the surprise, she will not be dressed for this reason. Therefore, you can have an outfit ready to dress up after the surprise and attend the party. Another great way to surprise your girlfriend is to get a gift for her or the baby. It does not have to be expensive, you could browse the nursery decor for baby accessories.

Organize It Right

If you are planning a big baby shower, you should organize it properly. This could be a lot of work, so make sure you divide it among other friends and family members. Do not compromise on food, choose renowned caterers to make sure the food is delicious and hygienic. You do not have to have many dishes, there are few main courses like rice, pasta or even pizza. You can get a custom cake, there are many designs online, so choose what you like best. A baby shower is incomplete without games, so do not miss this segment. There are many games like dirty diapers, advise to eat and much more. If you have the budget, you can also do a photo-boot session, prepare some props, hire a professional photographer or, if it's budget, just take photos from a phone.

Finally, you should keep a theme Because when the guests are color-coordinated or dressed according to the theme, the party looks even better. If the gender of the baby is recognizable, you can opt for a color code. For example, you could ask guests to wear pink if the mother is expecting a girl. You might even ask the guests to dress in different cartoon characters, but when you do the latter, it's important to inform the guests in advance as they will need time to organize their costumes.

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