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Tip: Why do you really lift yourself?

The two types of lifelong lifters

The first type involves individuals who truly love lifting and have developed a passion for it. The second type includes those who are able to combine the benefits of lifting with what they really care about. For them, lifting supports deeper values. The reason why other people stop lifting is that they do not link their goals to what is really important.

Ask the average sports brother what he wants to do and hear words like "jacked up," "cunning," or "strong." That's fine, but in the big picture of life they do not mean much when all is said and done. No one is lying on his deathbed regretting his slightly smaller biceps.

You need to go deeper and ask the bigger question, "Why do I want to build muscle, burn fat, or gain strength?"

Maybe deep What you really want is self-confidence and the ability to attract a partner. And maybe you see weight training as a means for that. If these true reasons are your focus, you will not become a new default statute for the new year's resolution. The training feels more like a responsibility.

As life continues, you will continue to add reasons to lift off based on your new life stages. As an example, here are some of my personal reasons to make you think:

  • To build up inner strength
  • To look good for my wife
  • To be respected by my children
  • To have the energy to one Play with my children
  • To physically be able to defend my family
  • Look at the role of a coach so that I can put food on the table
  • An example for clients and students
  • to put Care for the body that God has given me
  • To increase productivity
  • To have a healthy heel in today's soft world
  • To defy the traditional expectations of aging

Maybe these are not the ones Things that are important in the context of your life. That's how you find what works. When you combine lifting with your desired value and value, the reasons for it continue to add up.

Their motivation may increase with age as these levels accumulate. And you will find that over time you will become someone who loves lifting (the first type of lifter), and this makes it even easier to be a lifelong lifebuoy.

The secret to lift forever

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