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Tip: Where to stick the needle

Muscle or Fat?

While subcutaneous (Sub-Q) side effects are almost unknown among testosterone injectors and steroid users of the ancient times, this is the way to go if you use small, large-dose TRTs (200 mg or less).

Instead of putting a big needle in your buttock, put a small needle (26 gauge, 3/8 ") on each side of your abdomen.This method seems to have several advantages:

  1. If you get under the skin In each decade, you have to contract about 500 times in the gluteal muscles, which saves you from a lot of scarring.
  2. It is more practicable to dose yourself twice a week, which allows for a more straight and natural testosterone profile.
  3. Because you inject twice a week, testosterone is more easily metabolized and may even lower estrogen levels (and research seems to support it).
  4. The late Dr. Crisler Who made this method popular made you think you should do more for You're getting Estosterone Bock. He said that 80 mg of sub-Q testosterone has the effect of 1
    00 mg of testosterone, which is administered intramuscularly. (Whether or not Crisler regards the potency of sub-Q injection It is not known for certain, but it has the ring of truth and is worth a try.)
  5. You can use the same syringe to fill your syringe and administer the syringe.
  6. Since there is no danger of puncturing a vein, you do not have to aspirate when you go sub-Q.

Here is Dr. Crisler with an injection demo:

Dab a skin area on both sides of your belly button. Wipe in concentric circles, start small and work out (physically pushing away any bacteria that the alcohol could not kill.)

Then inject the needle at a 45 degree angle – there is no need to pinch the skin. Fully depress the piston, pull out the needle, and you are ready to go.

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