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Tip: The ultimate morning routine for lifters

Moving first thing in the morning was a necessity when I was recovering from a back injury. Over time, it became part of my routine. Nowadays I think, "Why on earth didn't I do that when I started training?"

Nobody seems to care much about morning exercise, but the benefits are insane:

  • You feel better and exercise better for the rest of the day.
  • You will get to know your body and discover tension and pain before you go to the gym.
  • You can work actively and regularly on your limitations.
  • You recover faster from training.
  • 1
    9659004] You keep an eye on your posture.
  • Your muscles work better. That is practical.
  • Your warm-up exercises in the gym don't have to take that long.
  • They constantly counteract the effects of intensive training.
  • Your joints stop hating you.

Doing a morning routine Do you need to put on spandex and sit on a yoga mat for an hour of crazy backbends and splits? No.

I'm talking about the most inconspicuous, coolest things. Things you could do as good as when your eyes are half asleep … and yet incredibly effective.

The range of motion is endless, but the principles for a good daily morning routine are:

  • Relax and move your neck
  • Open your upper back.
  • Turn your shoulders.
  • Stretch your sides.
  • Go through deep hip flexion and extension examples in the video, but you can swap out any of your own exercises that you think will benefit you.

    Being consistent is more important than using an unusual range of exercises. Do it every day. You get a feel for what your body needs and notice whether something feels different from left to right. Then you can add extra reps or extra time to the page that is falling behind to avoid imbalances and injuries before they even occur!

    How long you do this every morning is up to you. Five minutes, ten minutes, whatever. Just don't make it a big ordeal that you don't have to bother. It has to be accessible and easy.

    Make it a habit for a few weeks. Exercising better is just a normal part of your day.

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