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Tip: The Swiss ball-bell

Swiss bale leg curls are also known as back extension of the hip with leg curls – SHELC for short. You probably do not do that because you think they look easy. You are in for a shock if you try them!

This exercise has been invaluable to many of my online customers. Most of them train in their home gyms, and we have to put together workouts with the equipment available. This is generally limited to dumbbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. You simply can not fill your garages with all the machines you see in Globo-Gym.

While dumbbells and dumbbells are phenomenally training the body in almost every movement pattern, they are not ideal for a complete thigh workout. The thigh muscles have two functions:

  1. Hip extension
  2. Squat

Dumbbells and dumbbells are ideal for training hip extension with movements such as Romanian deadlifts and good morning. However, they do not provide a good choice for the flexion of the knee (leg curls). With the ball, you can train this Achilles tendon function without taking a ton of space or spending thousands of dollars.

This exercise is excellent because it works on the hamstring during knee flexion, but if done properly, you must wait for hip extension (the other function of the hamstrings). This allows you to bring the thigh muscles into a shortened position and challenge them in that area.

When you follow these steps, you think, "heels in and hips up." Hold the tip contraction firmly and squeeze your buttocks muscles together. I usually program these for 3 or 4 sets of 1

2-15 reps with a 60 second break in between. The hammer pump that delivers this is unbelievable!

If you've gotten really good at it, you can always do one leg after another. The one-legged version is certainly not too easy!

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