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Tip: The Leg-Day-Finisher with 50 reps

High-rep finisher sets have their place in bodybuilding. And they are not just there to build mental harshness. They also create metabolic stress (the pump), which is one of the main drivers of muscle growth.

Finish your workout with a set of 50 reps. Use short pauses towards the end: Do as many repetitions as possible, then breathe 10 times and repeat the process. Repeat until all 50 repetitions have been completed.

Or you can divide this into two sets of 25 repetitions, with only 30 seconds between the two sentences. The goal, however, is to achieve all 50 in one go.

Here's Chelsie Lysenchuk Using Calyx Squats as a Finisher on Bite Day:

Find a dumbbell that accounts for a quarter of your body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, that's a 50-pound dumbbell or a kettlebell.

Now do squats for 50 reps. Remember, this can be a "broken" sentence. You can stand on demand and gasp, but you can not lay down the dumbbell or sit down.

If you're really sadistic, do it in a pump / butt rep style where you do not go nuts. These hurt a lot and damn much faster than full-range repetitions and many pauses during the set.

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