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Tip: The L-Sit Hold | T nation

This train is incredibly simple, does not require a ton of equipment, is easy to modify and especially illuminates your core and triceps. Do not confuse it for easy. The L-Sit grip is brutal and shows all the weaknesses that you have in your upper body and in the core.

Place two parallel bars shoulder width and sit in between. Press your hands in parallel to lift your hips off the floor and stretch your legs in front of you, making a 90 degree angle or an L. Hold this position for as long as possible without your legs falling down. If you have not practiced this type of exercise, it will not take very long.

You do not have access to parallels? Try a pair of plyo boxes or a pair of benches. Any pair of things that can hold your body weight should be okay, as long as they do not move out from under you.

If the L-Sit grip is too hard, then pull the knees to the chest and stability will create that position before you try the enhanced version.

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