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Tip: The golden ratio for hardgainers

The 5: 1 Ratio

Muscle growth is a much slower process than fat loss. This is especially true for hard gainers. Consequently, the ratio of the time spent in excess (weight gain) versus deficit (reduction) should reflect this.

For average men, a 4: 1 ratio is a pretty good guide. For Hardgainer I prefer a ratio of 5: 1 So if you massage for 15 weeks, this corresponds to a 3-week mini-cut.

If you have difficulty in building muscle, you need to allow yourself enough time to add a significant amount of mass. This means that you need to focus your efforts on muscle building phases. This gives more time for growth. This is the hardest part of the equation for tall, skinny guys, so it earns the bulk of your attention.

You still sometimes need to lose weight

As a thin guy, you may think that you will never need this cut. I'm sorry to spoil the party, but eventually there will be a time when it's necessary to eat the amount of food needed to grow.

Sooner or later you will get a little fluffy and your abs will disappear. At this time you are not in a good position to build muscle. Chances are, most of the extra weight at this stage will be fat. So take a mini-cut. Lose weight. Improve your body's ability to build pure muscle and then begin with another body. In this way you can build up more muscle (instead of fat) in the long term.

Progress will not be linear

You must be mature enough to accept this. Press as long as possible and know when it's time to change gears before pressing again. The process goes through these cycles, but the trend should always be upward. Use the 5: 1

ratio to help plan your workout and diet to build your best body.

For a naturally thin guy, this looks like 40-45 weeks of the year to build muscle and cut 7-12 weeks.

Obviously there are exceptions to this rule. If you have built up a considerable amount of muscle, you may be more inclined to show your body and want to be shredded for a longer period of time each year. This requires more time for weight loss.

However, it makes no sense to try to look at your abs as a relatively small man all year round. If this description accurately reflects your current situation, trying to stay extremely slim is a terrible idea. It sabotages every opportunity to build muscle. In fact, it is an easy journey to stay small and weak.

Put on some size. Build a base and then cut to show your new and improved body.

The only thing you do not want to do

Please do not misinterpret this as an excuse to get fat. There is only one thing that is worse for a hard-gainer than being thin: being thin.

This 5: 1 ratio is designed to maximize your chances of building muscle, but there is still the need to occasionally lose weight and lose fat. The good news is that thin men are able to lose fat fast. Therefore, you can get away with the 5: 1 ratio, and normal men are better off with a ratio of 4: 1 (or below).

The typical hardgainer metabolism means they can elude aggressive diets in just a few weeks, removing all the fat that has accumulated during mass increase periods. Look at what you eat for a few weeks and you will lose fat. You probably do not even need to do cardio.

Do you see? Being a hardgainer is not so bad.

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