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Tip: The Bottoms-Up RDL | T nation

In this exercise, the muscles are stretched for different lengths of time. Because of this, bodybuilders often talk about "training the muscle from different angles." What this really means is that you use the muscle with different lengths, using exercises with different resistance and force curves.

There are several ways to eliminate the dead zone within a range of motion. For one thing, you need to add extra resistance such as ribbons or chains. The other is to simply combine one exercise with another exercise or possibly two other exercises in one huge sentence. The key is to make sure that the resistance curve differs in pairs of motion.

This will be the case with the bottom-up RDL. You start with dumbbells to accentuate the glutes from below in the range of motion. There is virtually no tension or resistance in the upper half of the ROM during this movement when using a barbell or dumbbells. That's why we will not even come to the top.

They go down into the RDL and come back a bit to make sure and work within the active range of motion.

They immediately switch to the low cable and run RDLs from there. They must be far enough away from the machine to take advantage of the buttocks movements in the middle of the movement.

From there, you switch to a higher cable setting, which treats the upper half of the range of motion. They hold tremendous tension on the gluteal muscles while they are in full hip extension.

For each movement make 6-8 repetitions for 3 sets.

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