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Tip: The best way to load inverted lines

Reverse rows are a fantastic way to build strength and size in the upper back. They offer a fresh alternative to cables, dumbbells and dumbbell rows. With suspension straps, Smith machines or a pole in the rack, they are quick and easy to set up.

  Inverted Row

Reverse rows are also a great way to hammer your upper back while protecting your lower back. Squats and deadlifts The downside to rows is that they were difficult to load. Most strong lifters quickly overcome them and move on.

Frequent Loading Approaches

Plate On Chest


Most lifters try this. It works fine, but the plate tends to slip. You may also notice that the weights are in the way of your hands (and the pole when rowing from a pole). In addition, you have limited charging options. If you want more plates, you need a training partner.


Bring them around your traps while loading pushups and they make you look really hardcore. In rows, however, they tend to slip and can easily slip off. You can also stand in the way of your poor.

Weighted Vest

If you have access to a Weighted Vest, they work great, but only during the set. The problems occur before and after. West need a lot of time to change the weight. They are awkward and awkward to get on and off. And the extra weight pushed between sets on the chest makes breathing (and rest) a challenge.

One Arm Inverted Row

This is a good exercise and a viable option. However, you have only doubled your exercise time for the exercise. You also need to focus a lot of your back training on the rotational stability of the core and hip. This focus shift is not bad if it's your goal, but if you're trying to build a bigger back, you do not want to take the focus off it.

The best way to load inverted rows

All you need a few plates with handles and a diving belt.

  1. Lay the plates just a little farther than the hip width on the floor.
  2. Sit on the ground between the plates with a diving belt in your hand.
  3. Slide the chain through the upper handle of each plate.
  4. Find a comfortable place to attach the belt to your upper body – the lower one on your upper body is easier.
  5. Make sure the chain is on top of the belt. [19659017Haveaniceset
  6. Slip out and run around to recover before your next set.

Note: If your diving belt chain is not long enough for the weights you are using, simply pick up an additional chain foot and carabiner from the local hardware store and store it in your sports bag.

How much is too much?

If you try to run in rows too hard, your Che If you give in, you can not pull back your shoulder blade and work the upper back well. Instead, simply beat on the connective tissue of your elbows.

Just follow this simple guideline: If you can not keep your chest out or squeeze your shoulder blades and feel how your back works, you will also go heavy.

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