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Tip: Test your stability in a minute

There are three things you need to know:

  1. Most lifters skip important developmental exercises.
  2. Range does not matter if you can not control them.
  3. Hunt Numbers Before Stability A Fast Track To Injury.

I lost the number of lifters I've encountered over the years with back and knee problems. Why so many? Because people can not control themselves without using weight.

Wait, what does that mean anyway? This means that most lifters are so busy increasing their numbers and getting stronger on paper that they completely neglect the power needed to control their own body weight.

This requires stability and they have no idea that they are lacking, they never test it, which is not that hard.

The Longe Test

Now, I'm not inventing a newly developed "exercise to fix any issues". This is a lunge that runs slowly. So, what's the meaning? All lifters that come to me with long-term back or knee problems can not do that. Even with impressive overall scores in their main exercises, they struggle to perform a controlled repetition on each leg. Can you do it?

The Steps

  1. First, make a lunge so you know where to keep your feet comfortable.
  2. Stretch both knees so that your legs are straight.
  3. Over 30 seconds, lower yourself to the end of the lunge while maintaining a constant speed.
  4. Tap your knee gently on the floor while maintaining tension.
  5. Rise slowly until your legs are stretched out again. Repeat this on the other side.

Hints and Tips

If it is not challenging, increase the required range of motion by lifting both feet onto plates or crates.

Remember that the purpose of this exercise is to have full control through complete freedom of movement. If you suddenly accelerate a bit to avoid a certain position, your weakness lies in it.

You may not lose your balance or fall completely to the ground, but if at some point you lose the constant slow speed, you can not count that as a completed replay.

Now go a step further. At least 5 repetitions on each side without problems. If you can not finish it, your work is cut out for you. Just add it to your warm-up exercises for a while and you'll master it.

Advanced Version

The enhanced version is not essential, but it's a great way to improve your overall hip mobility and further improve that stability. Do not be afraid to push your body with more stability exercises. You will get the same satisfaction if you are able to do something that many others can not.

Take the one-minute pull-up challenge

The one-minute hip stability test

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