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Tip: Strength and flexibility of the shoulders from the inside to the outside

I train CrossFit. I know, I know, I'm sorry. It was an accident. But I have a problem: I like motivated people who enjoy lifting and highly qualified body weight movements.

And you can learn something from this crazy "functional" stuff. How can you make 20 muscle-ups, followed by 30 clean & jerks, followed by 40 snatches and 50 handstand push-ups and have rotator cuffs to take home? To top it off, come back the next day and do it all over again!

Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. You would only train so hard if you were a highly skilled CrossFitter. But the preparation on the shoulder and the basic strength to cope with this workload? Well, that's something for everyone!

Imagine you could reduce the muscle fatigue you experience in large sets and speed up your recovery? The non-CrossFitter appreciate this.

With these drills, you can easily build up your shoulder and grip power while building up your small rotator cuff muscles.

Hanging Drills for Shoulder Health and Mobility [1
9659007] Let's Divide Each Part:

Passive Active Hanging

Think about pulling your shoulder blades down as far as possible to keep all yours To claim back muscles. You can either hold 5 sets of 10 seconds or perform 5 to 10 repetitions without pausing. Try both and see if you get tired quickly. This is a basic shoulder movement, and ideally you should feel that you can do it all day long.

Hanging shoulder rotation

All movements must start from the shoulder and not from the elbow … or strange movements from your elbow neck. Here we are looking for a good shoulder mobility, not for head mobility, which would go hand in hand with a cheeky hint.

Many people struggle with rotations and it may feel unnatural at first, but it should not. If it helps, try raising your arms above your head and turning your shoulders without holding onto a pole. That way, you do not have to lift your body weight to get a better feel for the movement. Try it out on the counter with the toes on the counter for support and build up the rotations until they completely hang.

Think like a monkey in a tree. You must be able to have this control to navigate from branch to branch. otherwise you only swing and pull your shoulder out of alignment.


Yes, CrossFitters looks like a floppy fish on a pull-up, but there's actually a lot of coordination, control, and strength going into it. Butterfly pull-ups without the necessary control are a quick way to a slipped shoulder or a ripped rotator cuff.

Even if you never intend to freak on a chin-up bar, this control and strength is important to your general shoulder health.

Hanging with one arm

It is incredibly important to be able to hold on to one arm and still be able to grab the lat pull, provided you are not a heavy lift.

A great power test shows how each arm fits the other. If one arm has tremendous stamina and the other fails after a few seconds, which arm do you prefer for pull-ups and press-ups? If you work on it, you can even balance your shoulders.

One Arm Rotation

Lastly, in the video, we show you a demonstration of a complete rotation from a supinated handle to a pronated grip. When I show this in workshops, it's funny how many people freak out. But that's nothing compared to what you would see in a gymnastics training camp! Despite the usual reaction, this is simply a normal range of motion for the shoulder.

We'll introduce him to the video because you want to think about how much range of motion you'll miss if you do not have a rotary element in your shoulder work. It's like training only squats without practicing deadlifting – there are a number of forces to work on.

Please do not try a full spin, unless you trust in one-armed hanging and hanging. You've tried putting your feet on the ground first. If you are not ready yet, you can increase your rotational power by turning the dumbbell shoulders.

As you work to simplify all these movements, your shoulders are not only smarter, but also a lot more durable and durable, able to handle the punishment of any exercise program. More stability, more power and fewer injuries – that's hard to beat!

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