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Tip: So you want to be a personal trainer, right?

There are four big things that people do not know about personal trainers:

1 – The barrier to entry is extremely low, and most people think they suck.

The qualification as a personal trainer takes only a little weekend course and multiple-choice exam. This is a terrible thing. Worse, many potential personal training customers are aware of this fact. Is it any wonder that they do not value the coaches very much?

If you're a trainer, most will assume that you're little more than just a retake counter. Therefore you have to prove yourself at the start for some very skeptical customers. Over-delivering is the best strategy a coach has in this situation.

2 ̵
1; Results are important … a ton.

If you are a trainer and require a top dollar, you must deliver results! If you are good at what you do and consistently deliver results, your customers will praise you. And chances are good that their social circle is full of people like them – people who are more likely to improve their looks and feel and are able to pay their installments.

If you deliver results, you will do so A steady stream of new customers is available. Concentrate on becoming the best coach you can be. Provide exceptional service to existing customers with the knowledge that it is an investment in your future business. If you do not work with clients or write their programs, read everything you can and read what applies to your customers. The more you learn, the more you can earn!

3 – The trainers do not always do what they recommend to customers.

In the career of a personal trainer, sometimes you recommend clients who are fully aware that you do not do them yourself. The importance of sleeping and adequate sleep is probably the primary one.

When you start, you are most likely working in a split layer. Early mornings and evenings full of customers without incident. As a beginner, you need customers. You can not be picky about who or when you train them. You have to pay bills, so if you want to survive, you have to stick to the schedule of those who want to pay you.

Most people who want a personal trainer have a busy life and must either train first in the morning or after work. These non-social hours are standard for an aspiring trainer. It is a necessary evil if you want to establish yourself in the industry.

When I started personal training, I had to order it for my studies. Combine that with my clients' appointments and I woke up at 4:45 to train my first client. After that, I saw another and went to class that day.

Most evenings, I was in the gym for a few clients. I vividly remember waiting for the train home at 9.45 on the platform one evening. I thought to myself, "I get off the train and get to work on the opposite platform in less than 8 hours." So much to get over 8 hours of sleep, I told all my clients they needed!

4 – Most personal trainers are insecure, selfish and have no self-esteem.

This might surprise you Confidently, many of them romp in the gym, but that's right.

Sure, some coaches have always been athletic and naturally attracted to a fitness career, but many others have a more complex backstory with low self-esteem or even self-hatred. These stories can be your best selling point.

Frequently, a trainer who is struggling with body image or self-confidence compensates for an alter ego. This usually manifests as an arrogant or selfish person. But, you know what? People do not like arrogance. You certainly do not pay to spend an hour three times a week in the presence of an arrogant person. Although this arrogance is just a façade to protect the coach from being vulnerable or weak.

If you're an aspiring trainer or trainer, you should be aware that you came into the industry because of your personal hang-up. If you have the self-confidence to acknowledge this fact, you can use it to your advantage.

Most potential customers are nervous or worried about going to the gym. Gymtimidation is a real thing for many people. They are afraid that you will mock or condemn them. Nip that in the bud right away.

Show them that you fought too. Illustrate that you understand what they are going through. If you do that and then emphasize how training has helped to transform your body and mind, you are more likely to engage in that belief when you are hired.

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