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Tip: Save your knees with target squats

Using ribbons to get you out of the lower position of a squat is a helpful tool. This is usually accomplished using a "reverse band" method, in which you attach the bands to the bar using overhead hooks.

The problem is that many racks have no such hooks. Even then, setting it up is a bit of a hassle. In both cases, this variant can close the gap and offer an additional advantage.

Whether you are working with a weight that you are not so sure about, or if you only need a little support where you are. Experience the most compression. The band assistant under the butt can give you a little bit of help (maybe an assist of 5 or 1

0 percent) that can make the difference. It also gives you a deep goal so that your squats can have some integrity.

Finally, it can be a real knee saver because the part of the movement with the greatest support – the transition phase between eccentric and concentric – is also the part where most lifters feel the most discomfort in their knees.

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