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Tip: Pull up the archer

The archer's suit is an advanced pull-up variant in which one arm is held straight while it is mostly on the opposite side to carry out the majority of the drag. One can almost imagine this exercise as a one-armed pull-up with self-support.

I would recommend a solid foundation for basic pull ups before attempting this variation. If you can not do 10 clean reps without fighting, you're probably not ready to try the archery suit.


Begin as if you were making a very long move, but only bend one of your arms as you pull your chin over the bar. Due to the asymmetrical movement of the movement, the upper body has to move away from the outstretched arm when pulling, with the upper position resembling an archer preparing to fire an arrow.

The hand of your straight arm may need to open and roll over the bar at the top of the range of motion, depending on the flexibility of your wrist. You may also have to stretch your legs sideways to balance the movement.

I can not do it!

You can cheat a little by bending your secondary arm slightly to make the exercise less difficult. Once at the top, you can extend your arm completely and try a negative archery suit. Soon you will build up enough strength and do not have to bend the secondary arm.

As with other pull-up variants, it will be easier for most people to start with the primary pull arm in a sub-grip.

Try it. It is harder than it looks!

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