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Tip: Make your core work more effective

The core training should be intensive. If you tense your core properly, it should feel like your midsection is exploding. Learning how to stiffen is hard enough, but training the core with enough intensity to transfer to squat or deadlift with maximum effort is a next-level challenge. Fortunately, there is an easy way to quickly prepare the core for training epic maxima with a repeat. You do not even need weights. All you need is a band.

This little trick can be done with any core exercise where your back is against the ground. Just tie the band to something, stretch it a few feet away and then do the exercise with your back against the band.

This is what the dead beetle and hollow body looks like:

Dead Bug

Hollow Body Hold

Breathe in your stomach and think about stretching your midsection three-dimensionally.

How does it work?

Contact with the band teaches you to move without lumbar stretching. And the tension in the band forces you to actively push and protect your spine, as the band will snap away from you with any loss of tension.

Do this at the end of your workout for 2 to 4 sets until failure, or use it in your warmup to activate your core in no time. If you're a real freak, you can even use two bands. Try it.

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