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Tip: Increase your deadlift | T nation

Here's a fantastic way to prepare your body for lifting. And it only takes a minute.

Maybe you are pretty strong. Great. However, this only increases the chances that you will not be able to perform these light movements to get even stronger.

A scientist decides to squat 100 days in a row to see what happens. What he has discovered will change your ideas about training.

Finally an off-the-job program that's safe from apologies! No more a few pathetic, obligatory crunches at the end of a workout. And the answer looked at you all the time.

It's something that most of us fall victim to every day, but it can ruin the benefits of exercise and worse, ruining our health.

The use of bodybuilding medications can be risky. Here's what users need to do to stay as healthy as possible.

What is the best? Longer, less frequent training or shorter, more frequent training? Here's what the research says.

Increase profits, get slim and stay healthy. Start with this list.

There are five types of people out there who will ruin your progress in the gym. Here they are and five great people you need in your crew.

There is a better option. Take a look at this.

Bodybuilding is full of programs used by "improved" lifters, but most people do not use drugs and do not get good results. This effective program is for her.

Jim Wendler's 5/3/1/ program promises slow and steady gains that will eventually make you the strongest man in the gym. And it delivers every time.

Have you been training hard for years? Add these joint and spine-friendly movements to your program and keep making progress.

The practices that some lifters still swear by are stupid and counterproductive. Did somebody tell you to do that? Do not you do it? Stop.

Chances are you're doing your dumbbell rows wrong and we're all laughing at you.

Training one body part a day is outdated, and whole-body training is not always a problem. Push-pull legs are superior to any goal. Here is the reason.

Testosterone lowers DHA levels. Why are 99% of men's fish oil supplements supplanting this essential fatty acid? Here is what you need to know.

Casein is a better muscle builder than whey, but there is a big difference in the types of casein. Info here.

The researchers fed the participants a diet with many eggs to see how their waists and hearts would handle them. Here are the results.

If you pause for 2 seconds on certain exercises, it can greatly improve your strength and performance. Here's why and how it works.

Love-lifting heavy? Then you either have shoulder problems or you will do it soon. Follow these 5 steps to stay healthy and stay healthy.

Adjust your posture, build your hind leg and heal your shoulders. That's how it's done

The CrossFit training is asymmetric and incomplete, and people pay the price with injuries. So they can fix the problem.

No drugs consumed? Then stop exercising like someone who is. Follow these steps to milk your workout naturally as much as possible.

As you get older and we hope you are, you need to optimize your training to earn the profits. Here is what to do.

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