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Tip: How do you read T Nation?

We get a lot of questions like this:

"I hate it when T Nation publishes an article about something and then, a few weeks later, publishes an article that says the opposite – you make me a headache – what's up?"

It's a fair question.

First, our sarcastic response:

You want to tell us that articles written by two different coaches sometimes contain two different opinions on the same topic? We'll take care of it right away, because everyone knows that there's only one way to get strong and build muscle. The same goes for the diet – there is only one way to eat!

We send a message to our over 350 contributors, telling them that they can no longer argue or offer different perspectives. This really confuses some readers and can force these readers to think rationally, weigh the variables, try out both ideas, and find out what works best for their bodies and goals.

If a participant insists on not giving the pre-approved One Correct Answer then we will send him to T Nation Camp for re-education, where he will be trained so hard that he will lose the ability to think for himself.

Okay, now our nice answer:

T Nation has We have always welcomed different opinions and views, as well as our trainers and experts. As the smart guy said above, we had hundreds of contributors since 1

998. Of course, they are not all in agreement.

Even we editors do not agree in every subject. For example, TC likes baseball. I do not like baseball, so TC is Hitler.

Look, we are all reasonable here. Seriously, that can put your mind off, but sometimes the same expert will wait to change his mind about new science or his or her new experiences. We respect that, and we would question the expertise of a strength or dieter who has not modified and updated his methods over time.

Our experts themselves welcome disagreements. Do you think that the coach who wrote the article "Squats Are the Best Exercise" meets the man who wrote the article "Squats Are Overrated", which he will beat into the pancreas? Does not happen Usually they buy beer, have a discussion and both leave the table better. And a little drunk.

Also think of the context. The powerlifting coach will give you other advice than the bodybuilding guru. One helps you to pull up most of the records for a replay in a competition. The other one helps you to build big quads. You really do not even disagree.

Now you can demand some reading skills from your side. Use contextual hints before you have a tantrum on Facebook.

In a nutshell, the areas of nutrition and nutrition continue to evolve and expand, largely due to sites like T Nation, welcoming new ideas and challenging old ideas, and even encouraging them to think things through Disagreements.

We all get better, even if you have a headache.

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