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Tip: How can you get fatter in the gym?

We human types play many conscious and unconscious mind games to motivate us to change our behavior or achieve something.

Take, for example, my favorite conscious mind game that "trashes" and "Canada gets wiped out by thermonuclear bombs." With so much responsibility on my shoulders, I make a special effort to hit the basket. You know, Canada and all.

Then there are the subconscious games. These are the ones we really need to look out for. For example, how many of us think, "I'm going to train tomorrow so I can really cheat tonight without feeling guilty?"

We can not really give our thoughts exactly these words, but we are certainly as if we believe that an upcoming workout will give us more food before training. At least unconsciously we have the reasoning that we "burn up" the extra calories.

A clever new study has shown that a "future aerobic exercise" affects pre-exercise energy. In other words, if people know that they will be training the next day, they will eat about 20% more the night before.

Man, this is a stupid game and just one of many reasons for exercise is largely a wrong strategy when it comes to losing body fat.

The Heart of the Study

PhD student Asya Baratcu and her staff recruited healthy men who did cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week. The recruits had to attend a meeting in the morning telling them whether they would rest or play sports the next day (00: 00), along with a doggy bag to refill and take back to them during the evening to receive (5: 00-1

1: 00).

Those who knew they would be training the next day ended up taking take-home bags with about 20% more food.

Baratcu offered the trainers another all-you-can breakfast, which was presented after training. Contrary to widespread opinion on the internet, the participants did not show an increased appetite. Instead, they ate about the same amount as the non-athletes.

What this might mean to you

It seems that the belief that physical body fat generally burns is deeply rooted. The men in Baratcu's study at least unconsciously believed that the mere prospect of being trained the next day gave them the right to eat large the night before. Call it the nutritional equivalent of the companies that cash your check before payday.

To be fair, exercise burns body fat, but the amount is negligible. If you were to blow your butt on a stationary bike, even if you said that Canada would be destroyed in a thermonuclear explosion, if you did not burn 400 calories (according to the ad on the bike), it still would not "make up" Scone you had for breakfast, or the extra serving of Tater Tots you had at dinner last night.

This is especially true if you buy (as you should) the new mathematical calculations that show you need to burn closer to 7,000 calories. Lose a pound of fat instead of the commonly believed 3500.

So damn the coaches, who tell their customers that their anemic, small workouts cause them to lose fat. They train – by weight or otherwise – for health and mobility to feel good and look good. If you want to lose body fat, your way is clear – limit the processed carbohydrates and exercise control of the portions and do not pretend that your training "gives you the right" to eat goodies or generally eat more ,

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