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Tip: Four B-Mod strategies for fat loss

Once you’ve chosen a diet strategy, these proven behavior change strategies improve your chances of success:

1 – Seek social support and accountability

The people in your life have to be on board your plan. Let your immediate family and friends know how important your fat loss goal is and suggest how they can support (or at least avoid, derailing) you. B. Not offering unproductive food and causing excitement when choosing targeted options in restaurants, and so on.

You can also consider a coach or a responsible partner with whom you check in regularly. This person doesn’t have to be on a diet. He or she could actually be a coach you are paying for. In any case, you both have a common goal and support each other in pursuing your goals.

2 ̵
1; Minimize environmental friction

Keep your pantry filled with healthy foods you like and keep unapproved foods away from the house. Use smaller plates and dishes. Find restaurants that offer healthier menu choices than the places you normally visit. Actually learn to cook.

The possibilities are almost limitless, but the take-home point is to make sure that your environment eases your new habits as much as possible.

3 – Avoid perfectionism

Fat loss is not about being perfect, it’s about being better. Assume that misjudgments and willpower occur occasionally, in which case avoid self-judgment and just go ahead.

4 – Do not leave your comfort zone too far

The intensity is great until you can no longer maintain it. Successful dieters typically lose between 0.5% and 1% of their total body weight each week. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose (e.g. 50-100 pounds), a somewhat faster rate of weight loss is acceptable, at least initially. Otherwise diet like a marathon runner, not a sprinter.

One more thing: don’t say you will start on Monday!

To say that is a sure sign that they are full of shit! Joke aside, if you really care, you start now. I understand that it may take a day or two to put together a plan, but that doesn’t change anything. Make the day today. Your only regret will not start earlier.

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