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Tip: Flex to increase your willpower

To win, do things. And Do No Other Things

When it comes down to it, it's easy to build muscle, lose fat, and achieve just about any goal: there are some things you need to do … and some things that do You should not do that We do not.

We make these decisions hundreds of times a day. They add up. And all of them are willpower, whether it's about the hard exercises you really do not want to do, or fighting the junk food that you really want to eat. Even if you want to put your ass to bed at a decent hour, you need self-restraint.

Whether or not you successfully achieve your long-term goal is essentially a game of willpower: Make more good decisions than bad decisions that match the outcome you achieve. & # 39; re after.

All these big and small decisions of daily life are preceded by a brief expression of willpower. And researchers have found a way to instantly (yes, really) increase willpower at this crucial time of decision making ̵

1; just let your muscles flex.

The study

The researchers present the study participants to a series of "self-control dilemmas". "It all went to see how long they could withstand pain (putting their hands in icy water for a while), drinking a healthy but foul-tasting drink, and making the choice of food.

In short, they showed Participants who strained their muscles had more self-control and willpower, the funny thing is that it did not matter which muscles were flexed or clenched.

The authors of the study concluded:

"The mind and body are like this The mere intervention in these bodily actions, often resulting from a willpower, can serve as an unconscious source for the recruitment of willpower, promote self-control and enhance the well-being of consumers.

The Only Caveat

The Muscle Tightening Needed At The Moment – Bending your biceps before attending The Cheesecake Factory will not help you resist the 1520-calorie Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake.

No, you have to lean on the table if you're tempted, I'd suggest a discrete calf flex, as some stupid people might think you're weird when you make a very muscular punch in the main dining room.


Use of this information

Increasing willpower Perhaps it will help you to get out of either avoidance or attachment situations:

  • Clench, if you are about to blow your diet and need a shot of self-control.
  • Flex if you are tempted to skip a scheduled workout or a difficult exercise that you are afraid of. (I look at you, Cardio Day.)
  • Ver Avoid the jail time by squeezing your buttocks muscles as an asshole crunches in your gym on the only available bench.

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