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Tip: Fear is fuel | T nation

You need a ghost

And you have to be afraid of it. Oh, I know. You are not afraid of anything, and you still have the 1990's "No Fear" shirt to prove it. But I also know that every successful person in every field has one or two spirits who persecute him.

A "ghost" is something that follows you throughout your life and nudges you. While you may not be exactly afraid, it troubles you and incriminates you:

  • The fear of breaking your mind.
  • The fear to disappoint those who love you.
  • The fear of becoming your father (or the mother or bad coach you once had.)
  • The fear of not achieving what you know you can achieve.
  • The Fear that your haters are the right spirit.

On Our Field These ghosts may look different:

  • Fear of becoming (again) a fat spirit.
  • Fear of a weak mind
  • The fear of not being able to look after oneself in old age ghost.
  • The fear of getting naked before a new ghost.
  • The fear of the swimsuit season.
  • The fear of an easily preventable morbid.
  • The fear of being gassed while walking. A staircase of ghosts.
  • The fear of the ghost spirit of infants.
  • The fear of the last spirit. [1
    9659005] The fear of an old donkey spirit.

These spirits bring us f for a morning workout out of bed, if we prefer to fall asleep. They make us a bit tougher, we are a little more disciplined with our diets, and take much more responsibility in our lives. They "scare" us in the right direction.

If you have no mind, summon one. It will keep you more motivated than any sugary meme about shooting at the moon.

Well, it's true, some people probably do not have ghosts. And they are probably fucking losers.

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