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Tip: Exercise like an animal without a gym

Exercises of the "animal" type can improve strength, mobility, coordination and body awareness.

They can also act as a self-assessment tool to let you know where you may be tight, weak, or prone to injury. The disadvantage? An average athlete will somehow feel stupid when he crawls around while "normal" people do things like lifting weights.

But it is healthy to test your body this way whether you have access to a gym or not. It's time to get creative, have fun, and maybe even get a little weird. Here are some animal exercises that you can include in your fitness program to mess things up.

Slow Frog Hops

These exercises are incredibly difficult if done properly. The goal is to move through the "hops" as slowly as possible and hang yourself up with your arms. To do this, you need to firmly support your core and remember to push yourself away from the floor while your elbows stay straight.

Ideally, you should try to get your feet as close to your palms as possible when you jump forward. Try to slow down as much as possible before your feet touch the ground.

The goal is to strengthen the front delts, triceps, and core through a continuous forward movement as you jump from your legs to your palms. If you feel like you are in a handstand-like position or falling forward, jump too high.

With this position, less is more. Focus on quality hops with more "waiting" for strength instead of seeing how many you can do.

Strict Bear Crawl

Bear Crawls are a dynamic way to question the stability of the core. They also serve as a large shoulder burner. Make sure your hips, back and shoulders stay straight so your core stays in place.

Ideally, your opposite hand and foot should touch the ground at the same time. Keep your knees bent at about 90 degrees and your wrists stacked under your shoulders so you don't cheat the movement by overstretching.

If you have wrist problems, turn your palm so that your fingers point outward. This will reduce the compression on your wrists.

Try to crawl for about a minute and try to focus on the mind-muscle connection instead of going as far as possible.

Crab Walk

This is an excellent exercise to support shoulder mobility. Most of us have too tight pectoral muscles and front delts, which severely limits our freedom of movement and predisposes us to a shoulder injury.

Crabbing stretches your pectoral muscles and the front capsule of your shoulder, allowing you to have a wider range of motion during overhead activities. It is also great as a tricep burner and core workout.

Keep your hips raised and your core supported. Pointing your fingers out will make your wrists less painful.

Snake Drag

These strengthen the shoulders and the triceps, while the abdominal and hip flexors are greatly stretched.

Turn your palms so your fingers face outward to protect your wrists. Keep your arms straight as you pull your lower body across the floor. Squeeze your glutes to protect your lower back.

5-Yard Animal Flow

Now put them all together:

If you put all four movements in a continuous order, your shoulders and core will be set on fire. Try to do five meters of frog hops, five meters of strict bear crawling, five meters of crab walks and five meters of snake trails … for five rounds. Use it as a finisher for your next workout.

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