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Tip: Diving with chains | T nation

Do elbow pain affect your arm training? Try this.

Series are non-negotiable in back training. So mix it up with this new variant.

An insight into the drug use of a true IFBB-Pro bodybuilder.

What makes a woman really a man? How much does the upper body muscles make? Let's ask the science.

Yes, it hurts, but if your legs give way they will grow fast.

A no-added recipe (Lazy AF) for those who prefer to eat than bake.

Drop your normal leg-day workout and try for 8 weeks. If you can stand the pain, your quads, ham, and glutes will explode. In the right sense.

Do you want to build your upper body? Move heavy dumbbells slowly. Try this complex.

Weak bankers fly, pec-deck and presses – everything but what they need to do, bank, bank, bank.

Exercising one body part a day is outdated, and whole-body training is not always a problem. Push-pull legs are superior to any goal. Here is the reason.

Want bigger quads? Lay your ego aside and squat like that.

Add this at the end of your next leg to blow up your quadriceps. Warning: it will hurt.

Given the prevalence of heart problems in young people – even among young athletes – it is time to give some love to the heart. Here is how.

Bodybuilding is full of programs used by "improved" lifters, but most people do not use drugs and do not get good results. This effective program is for her.

Can bodybuilders and athletes use the devil's lettuce, or does that work against their goals? Here we think.

Train the transverse abdominis with the Vacuum Exercise for a harder, tighter waist.

But what type is the best? HIIT or LISS? Here is what you need to know.

The proven exercise program that builds muscle, burns fat and blasts plateaus.
Double tap on your biceps ” id=”image_10007038″ src=”http://www.t-nation.com/system/publishing/articles/10007038/medium/Double-Tap-Your-Biceps.jpg?1546282195″/>

This is a great way to smash your biceps. And you probably never tried it.

Neurologically locked hips can limit lifting and athletic performance. Try these exercises to feel faster.

If you could do just one exercise for deltas, what would that be? Here's what science says.

3 more sets of 10? It is time to build something and start new growth. Here is how.

Kroc Lines, Tape Abuse and the Row Double What You Bench Rule. None of them stick to the logic. Here's what to do instead.

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