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Tip: Change your attitude to Achy joints

Fuck your Achy joints

If you're over 40, it's no excuse to let up. Anyone who has been training seriously for at least 10 years, wakes up in the morning with the feeling of trying the back of Bodacious, the bucking bull, the day before, and was thrown cleanly across the bleachers into the fried Twinkie concession stand.

Get over it. Sure, you can do your stretching, the hot yoga, where they treat you like a pork dumpling, or whatever rehabilitation exercises fit the situation, but for the most part, you'll always hurt.

The Two-Part Plan For Recourse

1. Just make yourself smart.

Do exercises that will not hurt the joint. Use handles or foot positions that allow you to exercise without pain. Reduce the range of motion or reduce the weights at a slower pace. A good descent of 4 seconds should relieve any disgruntled tendon. And also …

2. Say goodbye to sentences with less than 5 repetitions.

This is your only big concession to Father Time. You should forget to do sets for less than 5 repetitions. There is no need to use such a heavy weight and the risk of suffering from an injury you can no longer work on, such as: B. on tendons or ligaments, which are not as lively as before, is just too big.

] Do not worry. You can save a lot of energy by spending some time on sets of 6 to 8.

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