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Tip: Cardio for strong boys

The Cold, Hard, Flabby Truth

Fact: You can become as strong as you would ever become without doing a cardio.

Also a fact: you will be one of those amazingly fat people strong sluts like I used to be. Then you can spit out stupid shit like: "Anything that has more than 5 repetitions is heart!"

This is the mating call of the brutal out-of-shape powerlifter and those who do not compete in powerlifting but still call themselves a powerlifter. 19659003] My favorite story was the time when I had to walk across a large parking lot and stop halfway through the trek, leaning against a car. You know, my low back pumps are off. I do not miss these days.

If you're a defensive powerlifter, say something like, "I'm not interested in abdominals, I'm only interested in strength, and I have better levers when I'm heavier!"

You mean, when you are thicker. Okay, fat boy, do you know what's going to improve your leverage? More muscles. And it's also "functional" because the muscle lifts the freaking weight. Fat does not do that.

To be fair, I now see many built-up and skinny powerlifters. Apparently, you do not have to get super fat to get strong. Who knew? When I decided to do serious conditioning work, I felt better overall and better. In fact, both in the deadlift and the bench press on the way back I have pressed the scale down.

How important is cardio?

If you feel fantastic and want to recover better, it's pretty important. Steady-state cardio has amazing relaxing effects for mood and well-being. And intervals help to increase the work capacity in the gym. Here is the breakdown:

  • Intervals = You can do more work and need less break between sets.
  • Low Intensity Cardio = You can recover faster between hard workouts.

I recommend that 80% of your cardiovascular work should be in inpatient condition with low intensity. Going outside is best because it reduces anxiety and stress. Try it for 30-45 minutes with the heart rate at 1

20-130 BPM.

For intervals, I've always loved sprints. Try 40-60 meters at 80% full speed. They are not trying to be Usain Bolt here. Neither do I. My peace is only the 40-60 meters long way back.

If you're new to math, it means that you will do 4 steady-state sessions for each 1-interval session. The reason for this is that the interval work disturbs the recovery. Too much of it will increase fatigue and compromise gym performance rather than improving it.

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