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Tip: Call the Internet Injury Police – a Rant

Totally Safe, Totally Tiny

I do not have much fun in life anymore. Part of getting older (if you get it right) is to develop the ability to let go of things that you really have no control over, and use more time and emotional energy for the things you can control.

But I still do have some training-related companions … like the Internet Injury Police.

You know her. Post a training video, and there are definitely some ass clowns who feel the need to talk about the hazards behind the neck, fake grip variations, controlled cheaters, etc.

I usually look at their profiles. In about 99% of cases, they all have something in common ̵

1; the lack of true muscle development. The Injury Police usually have the muscle mass of a prepubescent boy in estrogen treatments.

I'm not surprised. As you progress through the dangers of lifting weights, it's like being at the bar watching the game and talking about the number of blown ACLs and the excitement that is occurring in the NFL. Nobody cares. Everyone knows that this is a risk.


Fear and Lack of Backbone

The reason why most of you who do this has no apparent level of muscle mass is due to anxiety and a lack of backbone. It's not about a movement. Any movement you can do with a barbell carries some danger. If done correctly, there is a risk after the cargo has risen.

"But there are some moves that are more dangerous than others!"

This is really an individualistic thing. I looked at a video of a guy who said the press behind his neck was "off" for shoulder work because the humerus was sitting in the shoulder joint and because of the scapula pattern. The guy who says that, I respect. But I wanted to hit him in the face anyway.

If it was really a problem, then practically every sport in the world would have guys whose shoulders would explode, as if the Hindenburg hit an oil field. Quarterbacks, Pitchers, Lacrosse Players … None of them should be able to do so long as they do, if that really does cause major shoulder problems.

When an Olympic lifter hits a whip, his shoulders are pretty much in the same position as in the press behind the neck. Yet, Oly-lifters do not suffer from shoulder injuries to thousands around the world.

There are some things that may seem "right" when you do studies or anatomy lessons, and then there is the right life.

Here's what really separates the guys who rock high levels of muscle mass and strength: they do not talk about the dangerous and avoid it. They do not talk about how you blow your shoulders and press on the neck behind the neck or bench press. They find out if THEY can do these movements painlessly and then shit.

Every time I read one of these "reading injury comments" in relation to a video, my first thought is if a box of Tampax could post on the internet, that would be you.

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