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Tip: Blast your deadlift with this exercise

There is nothing better than ripping a PR dead-weight scale off the ground. And there's nothing like watching your progress slow or realizing that you just are not strong enough to reach your next PR.

And to make matters worse, begin to circle your back, the main sin of the deadlifts. So you do squats, hamstrings, and core exercises to build your platoon. You get these exercises stronger, but have no luck with your deadlift.

So, what's the problem? It could be your lats. And we're not just talking about the type of lat strength that can be used to eliminate pull-ups, but also isometric strength.

Keeping your lats tight makes this essential for a big deadlift. If you can not, you can guarantee a sore lower back and numbers that may not match your true strength. If you have strong lats that can hold tension, it will prevent the rod from deviating from your center of gravity. This will allow your ham and gluteal muscles to move forward rather than the lower back and quads.

How do you train your lats for this? By grabbing Romanian deadlifts.

This Olympic lifting variation is forcing you to maintain greater tension through your lats. When you start at the top of the movement, you can put your lats in the desired position before starting.

To get it right …

  • Point your elbows away from each other to activate your lats
  • Pull the pole into your body and hold it close to the center of gravity.
  • Make sure you only go to the end of your thigh muscles. Do not reach to the bottom. You lose the tension in your lats, train your lower back and defeat the purpose of the exercise.

As a bonus, the time required for this exercise will cause an explosion of mass formation.

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