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Tip: A quick fix for better lats

The problem

Lifters often can not lock their lats during pull-ups. As a result, elbow pain, tendinitis and neck pain can occur. To top it off, assume that the pull-up does not add extra size to the back as this is not the case in their case.

What could cause this problem? The obvious answer is that the wrong muscles work and the tension on the shoulders and arms instead of on the back.

The not so obvious is that we rely heavily on pulling up Our grip is strongest on the index and middle fingers, but never really think about how this affects our shoulder position Perform a series of pull-ups by. This not only puts the shoulders in a better position, it also makes it infinitely more difficult for someone to keep up with their biceps, which in turn improves their pull-up behavior and gives them stronger, bigger lats. [1

9659003] Most people experiencing shoulder, arm and neck problems have difficulty reaching their normal maximum number of pull-ups with raised index fingers. This is therefore a great way to check if you have used the right muscles. If you only have one or two reps less, but if you find that your reps are halved or you really have trouble making one then there is room for improvement!

Regardless of your level, I would always recommend throwing it into your warm-up practice for days on the lat / upper body, as it's just a great activation tool. If you focus on the right muscles, hopefully you will not have trouble with your pull-ups in the long run. Longevity is the key to consistency.

Full-ROM pull-ups suck

Start each pull-up exercise

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