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Tip: A new exercise for the upper back and traps

Yoked: The New Sexy

Today you can be as sexy with big, meaty traps as with a chiseled six-pack, which means building is a sought-after training goal. But why is it like that?

My first theory is that CrossFit (and athletes in general) have a lot to do with it. Many serious lifters now want to look like athletes. CrossFit has made this trend even more popular, encouraging more people to perform deadlifting, cleaning, and tearing (for better or for worse).

With the increasing popularity of these elevators, they had an overarching effect on powerlifting and Olympic lifting, which has grown exponentially in recent years. And these lifts usually make your traps jacked up. Having big traps is therefore a physical sign of being an "athlete".

A recent study at an Australian university may have highlighted a better reason. There were women without shirt pictures of male torsos and they were asked to arrange them for attractiveness and perception of the force.

It is not surprising that the more muscular body shapes were much more desirable than the less muscular ones. In fact, none of the skinny or fat torsos got EVERY votes because he was attractive. (More information here: 70 percent of your sexiness results from this.)

But the one cool conclusion is that the sense of strength had the biggest impact on how desirable a male body is. If a body looked strong autofocus ̵

1; even if the guy was not extremely lean – he was considered desirable. And nothing screams "strong" like big traps.

The Wendler Row

Over the years, I have always searched for new and effective trap exercises. I thought I tried everything, but recently I learned something new from Jim Wendler, and it's quickly becoming my favorite.

While I call it the Wendler series, Jim himself would probably call it a T-bar shrug. Regardless of what you call it, it is an excellent exercise.

Due to the trainline, you not only hit the top, but also the middle fibers of the traps, giving you "height" and "thickness". "These features provide a much thicker torso and better bench-press leverage, helping to hold the rhomboids and upper back in place as they squeeze.

It's a pretty straightforward move with the Landmine / T-Bar. You are standing upright, rowing the weight, and begin the movement with a shrug, not a mere shrug because you are pulling your arm just like the standing cable row and the Kirk series ( This will actually facilitate a more important contraction of the trap.

It is best to point your elbows backwards, which is why I prefer to use a neutral grip, so you can use the middle fibers recruit more effectively and avoid internal shoulder rotation, which you should avoid when training traps.

You can even create a kind of mechanical D rop set by changing the hull angle during the set. When you get tired, you can sit back and get a few more reps.

I like these sentences quite often, sets of 6-8 repetitions, but with one second hold at the peak of the contraction. I do this twice a week as a third exercise in a session, but this is mainly because my main goal is strength. (I currently do 4 exercises per workout: the main lift, the auxiliary exercise, the upper back work and then a loaded carry.) Those who are more interested in pure bodybuilding should take 40 to 60 seconds while under tension.

For hypertrophy you can …

  • Perform 8-10 repetitions with a hold time of 3 seconds and an eccentric / negative time of 2 seconds. The set would take about 48-60 seconds.
  • 10-12 reps with a hold time of 2 seconds and an eccentric of 2 seconds (50-60 seconds)
  • 12-15 repeats with a hold time of 2 seconds and normal eccentric / concentric (48-60 seconds) [19659018] 15-20 reps with a 1 second hold duration and normal eccentric / concentric (45-60 seconds)
  • All bring you to the ideal hypertrophy zone for a targeted exercise.

Note that I also use a variant of this exercise with a reel station. It's a slightly different stimulus, but works just as well.

Give this a try. It's a great way to get a fat upper back.

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