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Tip: A better way to build wide branches

Lateral elevation has been a basic requirement for the construction of deltas for decades, but that does not mean that we can not change them to increase their effectiveness. To make these dents even harder, you should take your side elevations to the next level with this hands-free version.

Why Handsfree?

I saw for the first time how Dr. a lot of sense. Why? Because many people have a hard time, the feeling of the traditional lateral dumbbell raises in the deltas; You feel them more on the arms.

Removing the requirement to grab a dumbbell solves this problem and prevents the arms from taking over, placing the stress where we really want it.

Why use a band?

The supraspinatus (one of the muscles of the rotator cuff) is the dominant mover in the first 30 degrees of lateral elevation. It's a much smaller, weaker muscle than the deltas. Because of this, some people experience shoulder discomfort when trying to get heavier with their side elevations, or they use so much momentum that it looks like they're flying away.

The great thing about the band is its variable linearity resistance. Basically, the longer you stretch the band, the more resistance. This highlights the upper two-thirds of the movement and remains relatively easy in the lower third. As a result, you will be able to hit your actual slopes with a little extra pressure on this supraspinatus.

Setting Up and Running

First, you'll need a pair of ankle straps as you need them. Join with cable machines to perform glans or leg abductions, but you will attach them around your wrists. You also need some hose bands with carabiners at the ends.

Anchor one end of the strap to a firm, fixed object and attach the other end to the strap on the wrist. From here you can do your side elevations without hands. To adjust the load, you can simply move further away from your anchor point or add another bandage.

As with any good lateral lift, make sure the shoulder, elbow, and wrist are roughly parallel to the floor. Wait a second before coming down again. Do 4 sets of 8-1

2 repetitions to make them burn!

With this variation, you will not only build bigger shoulders, but also keep them healthier, so you can make profits in the long run.

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