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Tip: 5 Gym Hacks to Make Life Easier

Ever feeling like you're wasting energy loading up the bar for a heavy set of deadlifts? Well, you are.

Stop frying your spinal erectors as you struggle to get the next 45 on.

To be unloaded your deadlift bar.

To unload your bar fast, first use a small plate to prop the weight up on one side of the bar. Slide all the weight off one side first. Now use the bar as well as lift it vertically.

3 ̵
1; When benching alone, do not use clips.

Never bench alone or do heavy sets without a spotter if you can help it. At best, you'll get a funny YouTube fail video out of it. At worst, you'll … which really interferes with making gains.

Clips should be used for almost every other lift, but this is the one exception. If you get the bar stuck on your chest and you have clips on it, you're screwed unless you can roll the bar down your stomach (which still really frickin 'hurts).

4 – Use barbells as foam rollers and roller sticks.

After a hard lifting session 10 minutes trying to roll out your quads. Instead of using a foam roller, you can relax by using a barbell.

Just like that, the barbell do most the work.

5 – Carrying a resistance band everywhere.

 Band Pull-Apart

In a crowded gym, you may have to wait on equipment.

This is where a resistance band can become incredibly mobile. Do you want to make your body warm, your shoulders healthy, and want to prevent you from getting injured? "Are you done yet? " look on his face.

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