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Tip: 4 set-extending methods for mass

You can either work hard or you can work long hours, but you really can not do both. At least not consistent. Here are a few sentence extension methods that are very productive to induce both pain and muscle hypertrophy. (These often go hand in hand.)

1 – Pause / Pause

Once you've started your first set of work, set the error. Then rest for 20 seconds and go back. If you fail, rest another 20 seconds and go back one more lap.

They are basically smashed in three working sets in a short period of time. If you keep track of a logbook or try to break Rep-PRs, try to do more reps every week than you did before.

For example, if you made dumbbell bench presses with the 1

00s and got 14 reps, 8 reps, or 5 reps (over the rest / pause sets), then there are a total of 27 reps. The next time you use this movement, hit 27.

There are some moves I do not like with rest / break, like squats and deadlifts. The deep back will be limp. Just use sets for her. Never hit a deadlift for any reason. It just is not necessary, because it is too relaxing.

2 – Drop Sets

Try the 8/8/8 method or the 6/12/20 method. How It's Made …

The 8/8/8 drop set is a set of 8 to failure, followed by a weight reduction, using a pound that allows a consecutive set of 8, followed by another weight loss that allows a final set of 8. (Just do not let the weight down so low that you could do 15 repetitions each time.)

In the 6/12/20 method, perform 6 repetitions then a decrease in weight allowing for a set of 12 (done until failure), then a final drop of 20 reps.

One method is not really "better" than the other. The best for you is the one that uses you with the highest intensity on a consistent basis.

3 – Compound Supersets

Most supersets are performed with a single joint exercise in combination with a compound / multi joint movement. With compound supersets, hold onto your horses and use two compound moves back to back.

This is not uncommon when you put together antagonistic muscle groups such as chest (pushing) and back (pulling). But believe it or not. There is no rule that says you can not erase a muscle with two compound movements in succession. For example …

  • Leg Press and Squat
  • Press and dip the tilt dumbbell
  • Chin-Up and Lat Pulldown
  • Overhead Press and Upright Row

If you use any of the above splits if you are looking for Meet a muscle group the day, then these pair-muscle pairings are fantastic. In the split of 3 days per week, however, they work well for the chest and back, quads and ham as well as biceps and triceps. For example …

  • Bench Press and Chin-Up
  • Leg Press and Longe (a Glute Destroyer)
  • Triceps Dip and Supinated Grip Pull-Up
  • Giant Sets / Circuit Work

Do whole series of exercises in a row without pause until all movements are completed. I like these more with single joint movements than with a series of compound movements. You can create a truly foul-smelling metabolic stress session for certain muscle groups without affecting regeneration on larger lifts.

4 – Pre-Exhaustion

Use a single joint exercise for a muscle group before you can build muscle. Multi-joint exercise for the same muscle group. The idea behind this is that all compound movements have a "weak link" in the muscles that prevents the primary muscle you are trying to manipulate from being banned as much as it could.

For example, lower back squats Take a pretty solid punch while the quads could do more work. When using pre-exhaustion, level the playing field by starting with the leg extensions and immediately switching to a series of squats. Theoretically, the quads are now tired, and the lower back is not the "weak link" in the kinetic chain.

Other examples would be flies before bench press or tilt, side raises before over-pressing, and sweaters over chin or rows. This is a great way to get the living hell out of a body part in a short time.

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