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Tip: 3 unexpected things that speed up profits

During training, it can sometimes be helpful not to be aware because too much information may paralyze you. Being able to recognize what is practical (and what is idiotic) can be beneficial.

Identify possible obstacles first. That gives you clarity and direction. Here are some things you should consider:

1 – Do not put yourself in a drawer

We are all biased on what kind of training we choose. The problem is when you group your identity in a method. You leave money on the table when you believe that there is only one way to achieve your goals.

The fact is, you can not always take your workout preferences into account. Put yourself in the position to learn from other perspectives.

Like most lifters, I love the big elevators. However, if you are familiar with it for a long time, it is difficult to justify its use over and over again. At some point you will expect falling returns if you put yourself in a drawer.

Do not wait for things to get bad before you realize that timely adjustments can speed your progress. Some notable options:

  • machines are not the hell. Use them.
  • For the umpteenth time you stop beating the buttocks bridge and the hip. They are suitable exercises to gradually load your back chain.
  •   Glute Bridge

  • Devote some time to other qualities such as mobility and endurance of the muscles.
  • Take a break from heavy lifting and change the pace (lighter weights but slower tempos).

You should routinely rotate your focus. Not weekly, but very often and especially when you hit a wall. Go out of your own path and be open-minded. There is value in other methods.

2 – You are not a glutton. Do not exaggerate.

Many lift riders believe that they can afford to wear fatigue as if they had Wolverines healing abilities. In fact, you're more like Old Man Logan. Still not having anything to do with it, but you can not regenerate so quickly.

Yes, there are certainly individuals who have the ability to handle higher volume and frequency, and more days of overload. But the average non-mutated lift can not take much of it. Too much bothers the subsequent workouts and profits at all times.

Structure your training week with different results. You do not have to walk 0-100 miles an hour every time you visit the gym. There are even more benefits to exercising properly. You'll feel better, but most of all, you'll avoid hitting a wall, and you're actually making constant progress.

Remember that your training is only as good as your ability to recover. Press the envelope, but do not tear it in half.

3 – Lose Some Fat

To maximize muscle growth, you need to gain some body weight and achieve a calorie surplus. You know that. But at some point, eating more calories and getter fats will turn against you.

This attenuating effect is sometimes referred to as "anabolic resistance". Basically, it is the disturbed ability to build muscle that is caused by excessive calorie consumption over time.

Slimmer individuals tend to build more muscle, so you should aim to regularly reduce body fat. In this way, you can be more sensitive to muscle growth.

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