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Tip: 100 reps for larger calves

The Unilateral Body Weight Calf Enhancement

You can do this first variant in your gym on one level or at home. And if your calves give in, you can do it every day.

First select a total number of reps to use only body weight (100). Start by performing as many repetitions as possible on one leg and then switching to the other leg immediately. Continue this way without pause until your overall repeat goal is achieved.

So, let's say you do 25 reps to start with your left leg. They then switch to the right leg and do 25 reps. Go back to your left leg immediately and continue. Repeat this process until you reach your TOTAL-Rep target.

The Stairway Option

If you have access to a staircase, you can do so in other ways. Perform a fixed number of repetitions for each step with each step. For example, you have 1

2 steps on the stairs. That's 12 sentences in front of you. Make a certain number of repetitions for each leg for each step. Of course, this depends on how much you like the pain.

For stairs with many steps I would suggest 5 repetitions. For 10 steps or less, go with 8-10 reps. Just have fun with it.

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