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This woman wants you to know that oversized women do not have to change exercises

Changes can be very helpful when performing a challenging exercise. Not so helpful Stay tuned to the changes when you're ready to choose a tougher option. Meg Boggs, who defines herself on Instagram as wife, mother, writer, creator and lifter (yas!), Opened up when she finally realized that her modification was holding her back.

Boggs, who also writes blogs about maternity and wellness, told more about how she got into the rut. She gave in after training the first time, and she struggled to keep up with training, she explained in the post. Therefore, she did not identify with "fitness". "I could not fit into this category, I had to consider a more appropriate category, like" exercise "or" weight loss travel "or something that is anything but FIT and more in the works for me." (Boggs recently shared photos of cellulite and stretch marks to deal with postpartum self-love.)

Over the next two years, she considered exercise as nothing more than a means of losing weight, she explained. She also decided to modify each individual exercise without even trying the standard exercise. "I had the impression that things on an oversize scale always had to be modified," she wrote. "At least until I stopped training the fat girl." When googling over-sized fitness she always saw the same message: everything should be shut down.

But that changed when Boggs was born. She started working with strength goals instead of just aiming for weight loss and getting closer to exercises without assuming that she had to modify. She tried a traditional push-up (starting from a high plank) and started to build out of a 2-inch range of motion. (See also: The oversized model Candice Huffine redefines what it means to have a & # 39; Runner & # 39; s body & # 39; s).

While not necessarily a big deal, it does have a very important point in this story. Boggs says she wanted to share it: no one should resist a fitness challenge because they do not fit into a shape. "Condemn the judgments or glances that are most likely to come when we leave our comfort zones," she writes. "They mean nothing compared to what we can and WE will do it if we go our own way." Remember that is the next time you do push ups on your knees.

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