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This woman attributes her weight loss transformation to changing her practice duties

Emily Ricketts had a significant weight loss, but she wants her followers to know that they are not from a place of self-loathing. On the contrary: Ricketts says that he has learned to love her body, which has triggered the dramatic change.

In a before-and-after post by Instagram, Ricketts explained that there is another difference between the two photos than the weight loss. She wrote that she was fueled by hate in the previous photo while she was motivated by love in the recent photo. "Love teaches you for this workout at 6am, not because you feel bad when you do not, but because you feel damn good when you do it," she wrote. "Love, enjoy food without guilt Love does not have size It's not a number ̵

1; on the scales, in your jeans It's a feeling, a mindset, a motivation Hate? That will not get you anywhere." (See also: This woman eats 3,000 calories a day and is in the best shape of her life.)

In an earlier post, Ricketts revealed that it has also helped her strive to strive for skinny aspiration to be strong , "The secret? I stopped using food as a reward and exercise as a punishment," she wrote in the caption. "I challenge and appreciate my body to the same extent, I train because I feel GOOD, not because I will feel bad if I do not." (Here are 15 more transformations that will encourage you to lift weights.)

As Rickett's photos suggest, a #Transformation Tuesday often has more to offer than you can see at first glance. (Same goes for Anna Victoria's 5 year transformation and Katie Willcox's "Freshman 25" photo.) Regardless of your weight loss goals: For anyone planning a health trip in 2019, Rickett's advice is sound advice. Starting in a place of self-love, rather than hating oneself, and exercising, feeling good (instead of tormenting lessons you hate), is always the right way in our book.

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