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This runner tried Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah’s diet and exercise

YouTuber and distance runner Elijah Orr regularly takes on physical challenges that increase his endurance, including reaching 100,000 steps in a single day and exercising like record-breaking athlete Eliud Kipchoge. In his latest video, Orr spends 24 hours eating and exercising like four-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time world record holder, marathon runner Mo Farah.

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His “Day in the Life of Mo Farah” begins with waking up at 7am, coffee and two slices of toast with butter … and a layer of Nutella just the way Farah likes it. Then it’s time for the first of the two runs of the day: 19 km, which he completes in 1 hour and 18 minutes. “I was just trying to stay relaxed for the first 6 miles and then felt decent the second half, so let go a little,” he says.

Orr follows up with a core strength workout inspired by the workouts Farah shared on his own channel. “These are super easy exercises,” he says, “but they look pretty effective.” The session includes twists, crunches, kettlebell squats, one-armed rows of dumbbells, and a dumbbell press.

“Obviously he doesn’t lift crazy heavy weights or anything, he’s not trying to build a lot of muscle because he’s a distance runner,” he says, “but I think this routine does a great job when it comes to everyone Basics and definitely can do it. ” all the difference. “

Lunch is next, and since Orr is a vegetarian, he switches over to Farah’s sandwich order and ends up enjoying a soy-turkey sandwich with avocado, tomato and cheese – followed by a nap before his afternoon run.

This is easier than the first run of only 8 km, which Orr completes in 34 minutes. “I’ve never been so excited to take a shower,” he says.

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The last meal of the day is pasta with zucchini, tomato sauce, and cheese, and Orr brings back the meat that Farah normally gets its protein from. All in all, though, he says he enjoyed the Olympian’s diet – not to mention the 17 mile run.

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