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This mother pumps while finishing a 70.3 mile Ironman


Photo: Jamie Sloan

Mother's life never ends – even on her way to a personal record.

The Air Force sergeant and mother of two Jaime Sloan raced in their first Ironman 70.3 since she had born her seven-month-old son, when she realized she had done so. Sloan had previously planned and expected between the bike ride and to stop the run to sit down and pump until she saw that she had a shot at a personal best.

"I knew that I had PR (hit a personal record) because I had a really amazing bike ride and a pretty decent dip," she tells People. "I had brought my hand pump and I just decided to do it, I had good time and I just did not want to quit and lose the time of my race." (Related: A model was just running the runway with a breast pump ̵

1; here's the reason why this is fantastic)

Armed with her hand pump, a CamelBak and a washcloth, the 34-year-old started the race and wondered how to pump as discreetly as possible.

"At first it was a fight because I tried to make the milk flow," she says. "It takes some work with the hand pump, and my legs were very tired, but as soon as I started it, I could run, even though I was running very slowly."


(Photo: JamieSloan

Despite this, Sloan managed to get rid of the accumulation in her two breasts and toss the bottle in with her CamelBak and continue for the 13.1 miles – with all her equipment.

Races actually have a politics where you can not take anything or give something to a spectator, so I had to run all the way with milk, "she says.

And Sloan made it through the rest of the Ironman 70.3 Arizona and on to one surprising six-hour, 12-minute personal record she gave to her cheering team.

  screen_shot_2018-11- 12_at_11.15.50_am.png
Photo: Jamie Sloan

"It was pretty incrementally dible," she says "To be honest A, I was not even sure if I would do that well. I was even worried that I would not even stop. I hurt my shoulder about two weeks before the race and had a two-week break to swim. But I've done really well and I think I only did the triathlon part after the other. Knowing that I was able to overcome all this and do so well in the race and get a PR was pretty great for me, but I definitely owe it to my family because I've seen her about four times during the run and she keeps coming back excited and encouraged. (Related: This Mother Stopped to Breastfeed Her Baby for 16 Hours in a 106-Mile Ultra-Marathon Race)

Sloan says she ended a stressful training cycle when she learned to have a newborn and her 2nd In addition to returning to work and a single parenting leave of five weeks when her husband was traveling

"It was certainly difficult," she says, "I've lost a lot of sleep. But I would just bring the kids to daycare and run in the morning or ride my bike. I've just found a way to work in it. "

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Photo: Jamie Sloan

And Sloan says that she believes that her experience shows that people can do what they want.

"Anything is possible," she says. "I think it's so cool that there are other people who have seen this and they have been encouraged, not just triathlons but they continue their quiet journey or the journey they are on. "

This story originally appeared on People.com by Julie Mazziotta. 19659023]
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