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This mother lost weight after the baby by working only 20 minutes a day


Photo: Instagram / @ ashley_sneddon [19659003] Ashley Sneddon, a mother of two, recently showed a photo of her weight loss transformation 14 months after she was born – she looks amazing – but it is their training routine that really interests us.

Originally, Sneddon wanted to do this by engaging in 60-minute workouts six days a week to lose her postpartum weight, but she did not let go of the feeling. "It was so time-consuming for a busy mother with two little babies – one of them was a newborn at the time." Sneddon wrote in her post, "The mother's guilt was real, and I did not see the results I made after baby number one, and I was just so frustrated." (Related: 9 Things You Need About the postpartum exercise and probably should not know)

So she decided to make a change that worked better for her lifestyle and way of thinking: instead of going to the gym for an hour, she now only trains 20 minutes a day at home , "I get into my workouts before the kids get up, during nap, or during lunch time even while they're playing," Sneddon wrote, saying it helps her to be a better mother, yet feels good about it Your Health.

The 20-minute workout is not only easier to do but also makes you healthier and happier. Sneddon encouraged her followers to make a change and hold on to it, reminding them to "be proud of every step of the way" and "not compare your journey with other people and just keep going!" (Related: 6 women are really scared of their postpartum anxiety)

Her workout routine also has Hel Ped with her postpartum anxiety. About 10% of mothers develop anxiety after birth, while about 15% of the American Pregnancy Association is diagnosed with the more prominent condition of postpartum depression (PPD). (Related: Running has helped me finally defeat my postpartum depression.)

Celebrity mothers like Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow have helped raise awareness about PPD, but the fear of childbirth is still relatively unknown. Women with postpartum anxiety experience symptoms such as palpitations, intrusive or obsessive thoughts and paranoia.

Mothers like Sneddon spread the post-partum statement by sharing their own experiences. Your decision to reduce your workouts is a great reminder to do the best for you and your health. (See also: If Children Change Their Risk of Developing These 6 Health Conditions)

This story originally appeared on Health.com by Hannah Harper.

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